12 things to enjoy in Toronto without hurting your pocket

A last-minute vacation trip to the provincial capital of Ontario will provide you with a variety of things to enjoy even on a tight budget. It is considered the largest city in Canada, with a population totaling over 3 million. So when planning that inexpensive trip, you can be sure that Toronto can definitely give you something to enjoy. Here are a dozen things you can do in this city without spilling a fortune.

1. Stroll and shop in Yorkville

You can stroll past beautiful Victorian buildings that are home to restaurants, boutiques, and a wide variety of shops. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to catch a few celebrities leisurely strolling through this posh area of ​​the city, especially during the Toronto International Film Festival. You can also find galleries that present the works of international artists as well as the best from Canada.

2. Enjoy a day at the beaches

You can also enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll on the boardwalk along the wide beaches. Aside from the wide stretch of sand, this area is also home to a number of Victorian-style fashion shops, cafes, and houses. If you have a trip around July, you might have the opportunity to attend the Beaches International Jazz Festival, which features the best of Canadian and international jazz music.

3. Chinatown

This part of the city offers a festive atmosphere and interesting finds. You never run out of new people to meet, shops to enjoy an afternoon window shopping, or delicious food to try.

4. Riverdale Farm

If you think it is impossible to find a farm in an industrialized city like Toronto, then why not visit the Riverdale Farm? This stop can add an interesting variety to your last minute trip, as you enjoy a picnic with your homegrown produce from the orchards. Children can surely enjoy all the farm animals like pigs, cows, horses, sheep and goats. You can also enjoy the planting and handicraft activities on offer.

5. Distillery district

The first-time tourist might think that this area is full of liquor stores in every corner. But you might be surprised to see that it is indeed home to beautiful Victorian-style architecture, free art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants that provide you with a memorable dining experience.

6. St. Lawrence Market

This was named by Food and Wine magazine as one of the 25 best markets in the world, and it’s definitely a must-see for food enthusiasts, history buffs, and the curious. Its current form includes two structures which is the North and the South market. Among the shops you should never miss while there are Carousel Bakery and Sandwich Bar, Kozlik’s mostard, Scheffler’s Delicatessen and Cheese, and A Bisket A Basket. You will definitely delight your palate with all its famous specialties.

7. Harbourfront Center

This part of the city attracts more than 12 million people a year due to its wide variety of entertainment. From festivals, camps to live music performances that are free, you will definitely have something to enjoy without spending a lot of money. This musical garden also has a unique design, as it is inspired by the music of Bach. You can also take a walk along the beautiful boardwalk, if you want to keep things calm and relaxed.

8. Central island

For a more relaxing and peaceful getaway, you can board a $ 4- $ 8 ferry ride to Center Island. Most tourists and locals enjoy this secluded beauty with its vast 600 acres of parkland. You can rest and have a picnic in the wide expanse of greens or enjoy your time in the small amusement park or in the restaurants that are also located near the area.

9. Casa Loma

This beautiful, story-filled mansion formerly owned by a prominent businessman, Sir Henry Mill Pellat, is one of Toronto’s most famous attractions. Located on Toronto’s Austin Terrace, this beauty is best known for its 5-acc gardens that are designed to represent perfect beauty. You can also take a tour of the mansion’s 20 of its 98 rooms, each with beautiful decorations.

10. CN Tower

One of Toronto’s most prominent landmarks is the CN Tower, which is a 1,815-foot-tall freestanding structure. It attracts many tourists and locals, because it gives you a picturesque view of the entire city. You can also enjoy some snacks while marveling at the beautiful views in any of its three dining areas.

11. The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

If you want to spend some time enjoying exquisite Canadian, African, European and contemporary art, you should not miss the Art Gallery of Ontario. You are sure to delight and marvel at an extensive collection of impeccable masterpieces. It is best to visit on Wednesday night around 6 to 8:30 pm. M. Because they offer free admission.

12. Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadians are known to be lovers of hockey, and this extensive collection will take you through the interesting history of the country’s most beloved sport. It is an interesting and affordable attraction in the city for any last minute vacation.