17 High-Flying Student Secrets: Amazing Laws of Academic Excellence by Fela Durotoye

Do you want to succeed in your academic life and in life in general? Encourage! The solution is here. 17 Secrets of High-Flying Students by Fela Durotoye is the book that will empower you and expose you to timeless secrets of success in your academic quest.

An easy book to read, but difficult to forget. This is the tool you need to move from grief to success, from the lower life to the higher life. As I read this great work, I wished I had read it when I was much younger in elementary school or in the early days of my high schools. The wisdom in this book is for all ages, sexes, and colors.

If you can diligently read and apply the principles in this book to your daily life, you will surely succeed. I called this book ‘The Irrefutable Principles of Academic Excellence’.

The 17 Secrets of High Flying Students: Amazing Laws of Academic Success by Fela Durotoye is a 204-page book published by Visible Impact Multimedia Group. This book is in paperback and e-book format. It is available on Amazon and other bookstores. This book is beautifully designed with cartoons and colorful images. It is printed on high quality paper, it is a unique read!

This phenomenal great work is a synergistic effort by Fela Durotoye and her visionary team. This book is a true confirmation that synergy is the sagacity to do great things.

The man, Adetokunboh Fela Durotoye (FD) is a sage whose legacies are legalizing legacies and his sagacity brings forth succession. He is a human capacity developer, acclaimed motivational speaker, consultant, and quintessential man of God. This voice for change has spoken in numerous schools, churches, and corporate organizations. Fela’s mission and vision for this book is to activate a zeal for academic success in our future leaders who are students today.

This vanguard leader has set himself on fire to form transformative leaders who will transform societies. He is fulfilling the mandate that God gave him to go and build people who will make nations the most desirable places in the world to live. Fela Durotoye is happily married to Tara, her adorable better half. Your marriage has been blessed with healthy and healthy children.

This enchiridion will make you a high-flying traveler who is empowered, mature, set apart to operate with novel excellence to fly with flying colors and take the bacon home with you. 17 Secrets of High-Flying Student by Fela Durotoye, is a book you need in your life and should be given as a gift to students. I support it and highly recommend it, go get your copy.

© Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha (Higher Life Coach)