25 ways to hide the digital evidence of an affair

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, it makes sense that mobile devices themselves are key in communications between a cheating spouse or partner. Technology has created mobile devices that are essentially gateways to information (the Internet) and communication (email, social media, text messages, etc.). In particular, iPhones are used by many consumers as their smartphone of choice. IPhones are, in essence, laptops, similar to a laptop or PC. As with all computers, digital evidence of infidelity is recorded and stored. To keep the affair a secret, this digital evidence must be hidden from the couple.

Knowing the ways an affair can be hidden can be key to uncovering the affair and catching the cheater red-handed. If the cheater has an iPhone, here are 25 ways the cheater can try to hide the evidence of his affair:

1. Create a new email account that is only used to communicate with your lover.

2. Check your email communications with your lover via webmail and not the iPhone.

3. It does not save or make your iPhone remember your password or email address / login name to communicate with your lover.

4. Removed links or “bookmarks” to any webmail page used to communicate with your lover.

5. Change your mobile phone bill to “electronic billing” to hide communications with your lover.

6. Use a third-party text / SMS messaging application so that the text does not appear on the phone bill or online details.

7. Save the lover’s name as a false name and gender, so calls to / from that person are less suspicious.

8. Use a third-party dialer such as Skype or Google Voice to make and receive phone calls so they don’t appear on your phone bill or online usage details.

9. If you use iPhone email to send / receive email, you can go to Settings -> Email -> Account to enable email for your lover when they want to check it, then disable email when done so the account won’t be show in your list of email accounts or “All inboxes”, but you will still keep your settings and emails.

10. Disable location services to make it harder to be tracked. With location services enabled, certain websites and apps can determine your location, and the photos they take on your iPhone will have the GPS coordinate information embedded in them, which can show that they are not where they said they were.

11. Clear your map / GPS history and address history for the locations you are going to or meeting with your lover.

12. Close all web page tabs of your lover related websites as soon as they are done with the page.

13. Clear your internet history and cache of the websites you visited for your lover.

14. Clear your call history for calls made to and from your lover, as well as calls made to hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, yacht charters, etc.

15. Clear your text / SMS history with your lover. If your lover is best friends with your spouse or someone else, they are expected to have casual contact with the iPhone, allowing them to selectively delete specific text messages.

16. Use your iPhone calendar to schedule fake work-related appointments or meetings or other non-suspicious appointments or meetings to give them an alibi to meet your lover.

17. Use one of the many iPhone applications, such as “Fake Caller”, to simulate an incoming call from your boss or coworker in which you must meet them at the same place where your lover will be.

18. Have your password set on your iPhone so that if it falls into the wrong hands, your phone is locked and your information is more secure.

19. Have your password set to automatically lock after a specified time.

20. Have the “Clear Data” feature of your passcode enabled, which will erase your iPhone data if the wrong passcode is entered 10 times in a row.

21. If you sync your iPhone with your computer or use iTunes to transfer music to your iPhone, you can encrypt the iPhone backups that iTunes creates.

22. They can disable the automatic preview of text messages; otherwise inappropriate message content or images may appear at the top of your password screen.

23. Use iPhone applications like TigerText to delete texts

24. Buy a new phone to communicate secretly with your lover.

25. They use a fake password app. The cheater tells the partner the “fake” access code which, when entered, removes all incriminating texts and other information.

Regardless of whether the device is a laptop, PC or Mac or iPhone, there is always digital evidence to hide if you are having an affair. If you know what to look for, you can often find evidence of an affair yourself. If you need to dig deeper to find the evidence, such as recovering deleted texts or images or other data, you will need a computer forensic expert.