3 steps to stop aggression in your Beabull puppy

Like their Beagle and English Bulldog ancestors, Beabull puppies are usually affectionate, loyal, and playful. However, there can always be a bad apple in any group. If your Beabull puppy is showing signs of aggression, here are some tips to nip him in the bud before he’s too old or dangerous for your family.

1. Grunting, grunting, and clicking are signs of aggression. If your Beabull puppy shows these or other signs to you and / or the rest of the family, everyone must prove his worth as an alpha. Most dogs show aggression to show dominance over you or other family members. Your puppy needs to know that he depends on you and the family for his food, toys, games, etc., and not the other way around. In a pack, the alpha dog is rarely challenged. You have to put that same respect in its place.

2. Some puppies may also begin to show signs of aggression from their food, toys, bones, and treats. When your puppy growls or shows other signs of aggression over his food, try putting him on a schedule, if he isn’t already. When he is preparing his food, have him sit or stay in another room where he can jump, moan, shove, etc. Once his food is ready, call him to his feeding area and have him sit down again while holding the bowl. Wait until he is still and quiet for at least 5 seconds and then leave the food for him to eat. This will remind him that you are alpha and that you are in control of this food. He will be less likely to show aggression towards you (or other family members) when he knows that you are the food source.

3. When your Beabull puppy shows signs of aggression like growling, don’t laugh, smile, or just ignore the behavior. Immediately say “no” in a loud, harsh tone so your message is loud and clear. Laughing or ignoring the behavior will only reinforce it.