5 Real Niche Trends in Web Design to Take 2018 by Storm

Whenever I get a chance to look at web design trends from around the web, one thing that always disappoints me is that they’re all the same as last year, or probably not what you see these days. I mean, come on, animation has always been considered a big trend to enhance a website, and that’s today too. However, do you know how big a trend animation is? Seriously, if you really have a trending checklist, and if you’re going to include a full screen animation video, you’re better off checking out a variety of major websites before doing so. Nobody likes to watch an animated video anymore. There is much more than that. To prove it, let’s take a look at 5 niche trends that will take the field of web design by storm.

1. A non-scrollable full screen can make a difference

Finally, people are getting used to non-scrollable sites as they have to put less effort into site navigation. Imagine, scrolling through those one-page sites, forever, with a sticky header accompanying you all the way to the end. It’s always refreshing to see pages where everything is present within the screen, and you don’t need to scroll to navigate to other pages. Nowadays, people are very busy and sites that do not scroll can act as a great time saver for them. Let’s look at some examples of why this is great.

  • Facebook Privacy Basics
    Facebook uses side-scrolling sliders to explain step-by-step instructions on the basics related to their privacy policy, backed up by some wonderful illustrations. Great, isn’t it?
  • fancy
    Fantasy is a design agency that does a great job of keeping everything above the fold. Although it seems that it is some kind of displacement, in reality it is not. When marking in the work section, you can access the content below the fold, by clicking on the icons present above the fold.
  • KLM 50 Travel
    Another wonderful example of the implementation of this concept, taking you through 50 destinations with the help of a video tour where you have to sit back and relax, seeing the best places to visit. Simply use the arrow keys or space bar to navigate around a bit if needed, preventing users from using the mouse.

2. A headline that resides in a fixed format on the side

This is a new trend, seen in very few places. It’s always best to check out these kinds of trends on design studio sites or agency sites. This is a style where you have a fixed title that moves with the text, as you scroll down. This is a wonderful trend that is only found on desktop computers and is not intended for mobile viewing. Let’s look at some examples of why this is great.

  • Code and theory
    The site uses city headlines as a fixed format, so when you scroll, the related city name appears on the left side and changes as you continue to scroll.
  • stack overflow
    Here, the secondary navigation appears to be sticky as you scroll, only changing the highlight depending on which section appears to the right.
  • DDB Sthlm
    When you scroll down, you’ll see that the corresponding menu stays sticky on the side and only the menu names change depending on the content.

3. Uploading is all about displaying the logo

This is another big trend that is gaining popularity today. The only thing it has while the site loads is to display the logo. Let’s look at some examples of why this is great.

  • Instrument
    When you open the website, the only thing you see while loading is the logo. It then disappears and only reappears when you open the menu.
  • Fubiz
    The site has different logos intended for different sections. So when you open a section you have a different logo backed up with some nice animations.
  • This too
    Another great design where the menu navigation icon takes on the role of the logo by holding position as well as acting as a loader. Not directly, but the design takes an indirect approach to this trend by breaking the rules.

4. Background images that appear disturbing

Imagine, the background images that take up the entire real estate site. This is definitely not a new trend. However, what is new about this is that when the mouse hovers over the background, suddenly the background image starts to show movement. Now this is an amazing trend. Let’s look at some examples of why this is great.

  • make me beat
    The site uses the trend quite convincingly, so that when you hover over the background, you see digital mountains rising, wherever you move your cursor.
  • active theory
    This is another great site where the background shows movement with the cursor moving here and there. It looks like it’s creating some kind of distortion in the digital background.
  • Details
    The site may require you to do some scrolling stuff. But as it does, and when it gets to the end of the team, some nice distortion takes place. Although a little, but nice!

5. Use of animations at the top through a touch of creativity.

Since this is possible today, why not opt ​​for it? Animations, when presented in the right way, can work wonders, making the overall experience entertaining and enjoyable enough. Do it with a lot of caution as it can eat up your time and loading speed, but do it at the top for all of them to be worth it.

  • waaark
    The design studio has produced one of the most visually stunning experiences this year. The site does a great job of going overboard when it comes to animations.
  • animecons
    A classic example of click-based animations, with everything happening with just clicks.
  • Beta Interactive Rally
    Another site with the right kind of animations, going crazy all over the place, and animation effects that change on clicks, while things remain simpler when you don’t have anything selected.