7 things to do in Granada – The Spice Island

The beautiful island of Grenada in the Caribbean is one of the most popular islands to visit. It has the beautiful white sand beaches that visitors to the Caribbean want to enjoy, as well as friendly people and good seafood. If you plan to visit Granada, here is a list of activities and things to do during your stay.

sand island

There are not only white sand beaches, there are even black sand! Grand Anse is probably the best known beach, but there are many to visit that you may not have heard of before. For example, the pretty beach on Sandy Island (off the north coast) is a great place to snorkel and you’ll get a great view of Grenada from there. It is possible to organize a visit to the island for a day trip with a picnic.

grenada chocolate company

Locally grown cacao beans are used to create organic dark chocolate that you will definitely want to try on your visit to the island. You can also buy powdered chocolate. The products are packed with colorful tropical-style labels and are perfect souvenirs of your visit to Grenada. It is possible to tour the factory and learn how chocolate is made.

antonio rivers

The oldest rum factory in Granada is still in operation. Located in the northeast of the island, the distillery has been distilling rum from sugar cane since 1785. Follow the rum-making methods as they have been done for centuries during your visit. Taste the rum, but be warned, it may take your breath away – it’s 70% proof!

National Parks

Visit the Grand Etang National Park to experience the rainforests at 2,000 feet. It is not recommended to go snorkeling the same day you hike in the park, and it might cause the bends! With 160 inches of rain per year, the hiking trails can get muddy, but the vegetation is diverse and not to be missed. Another national park is Parque Levera, which is protected by the turtle egg laying that takes place every year.

Snorkeling and Diving

There are many areas to visit for both snorkeling and diving in Grenada. One of the most famous is the ‘Bianca C’, which has been referred to as the Titanic of the Caribbean. Nothing compares to the size and glory of it. If you really prefer to snorkel, try Sandy Bay, Dragon Bay or even Molinere Reef.

Gouyave Fish Friday

The fishing village of Gouyave celebrates a festive evening every Friday. Enjoy the music while you taste the variety of fish offered by street vendors. Try the fish grilled, steamed or fried. The ideal situation to try local food as the locals eat it and make new friends.

Caribbean jump

See where the last of Grenada’s indigenous people jumped to their deaths to escape French rule. Located on the outskirts of Sauteurs, this place overlooks the sea and the rocks, where jumping would not be for the faint-hearted.