A Book Critic’s Best Friend: The Synonym Finder

Words, words, and more words – these are the most important tools of the trade for any writer.

Sometimes the joy of bringing them together in something eloquent is indescribable. You know exactly what you want to convey to the reader, but you are stuck with the right word to convey the meaning. And sometimes you find the right word and abuse it.

Whether you’re writing a novel, a nonfiction article, or a book review, you want to make your point and keep the reader interested. Using the same hackneyed expressions is a sure way to lose them. Unfortunately, that happens a lot in book reviews. The same words keep popping up over and over.

That’s why I call THE SYNONYM FINDER a book critic’s best friend.

Example: If you read book reviews, you will see the word intriguing appear frequently.

What if you’re writing a review and want an alternative, but can’t think of one?

Grab a copy of THE SYNONYM FINDER by JI Rodale. Search the word intriguing and you will find: interesting, absorbing, attractive, fascinating, stimulating, exciting, poignant, exciting, seductive, funny, charming, captivating, seductive, attractive, attractive and winner.

That is just one example. This thesaurus contains a staggering 1,500,000 words. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it hasn’t been said yet.

It is in a dictionary format which I find much easier to use than one organized by topic. There are subdivisions for different parts of speech and different meanings of the same word; also includes jargon, archaic, scientific, and other special terms.

I can not recommend it highly enough. My own paperback is so poorly done; I have put the hardcover version on my wish list.

If you do any type of writing, THE SYNONYM FINDER is absolutely vital, indispensable, essential, mandatory and a must.

Grand Central Publishing 1361 pages ISBN: 978-0-446-37029-5