A prayer for potty training

Potty training can be a frustrating time for parents. Potty training problems can cause lasting strain in parent-child relationships and in relationships with others who may not understand the frustrations you face.

Prayer provides a powerful way to connect with your spirit guide and, if applied correctly, brings tremendous relief and reduces the stress of potty training, just like any other emotional issue.

Here is a suggested potty training affirmation prayer that you can use as you begin each day of your potty training weekend. The prayer can be repeated often throughout the day for an added boost.

There is a version for mom (or dad) and a version to repeat with your child.

Feel free to change the wording to suit your situation, but remember to only use positive terms and gratitude for reaching your goal.

Mom’s version:

Thank you God for my beautiful, wonderful and perfect son whom I love and cherish.

Thank you for giving me the strength, patience, and knowledge to care for my son and teach him the things he needs to know to live a full and abundant life.

Thank you for giving me the power to speak words of affection and affirmation to my son at all times.

Thank you for giving me understanding, wisdom and a mother’s intuition to know exactly what is right and good for my son.

As we enter this period of specific focus on potty training and teaching my son to control his elimination functions, I thank you that I have the will and determination to stay focused on training and continue to be patient through this learning process. Thank you because I know that there are no mistakes, but only opportunities to learn.

In my imagination, I see my son wearing only clean, dry clothes and letting me know when he needs to go to the bathroom. Diapers are a thing of the distant past. We are both proud of his accomplishment in learning this life-changing removal control skill.

Thank you very much for the life you have entrusted to my care and my training.

Bless this training session and keep us both in your care forever.

child version:

Thank God for my great body. I am enjoying learning how to use it.

Thank you for my mom and dad who love me and take care of me.

Thank you for helping me potty train so mommy doesn’t have to mess with yucky stinky diapers anymore. And thank you that I don’t have to wear them anymore, but I can wear this cool big boy underwear that I picked out myself.

Thank you for potty training and keeping me clean and healthy.