ACN – Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?

American Communications Network (ACN) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Is ACN a pyramid scheme? First, you should know that a pyramid scheme makes money from registration fees without selling any products or services. Pyramid schemes are illegal. So therefore, since ACN sells services, it’s not a pyramid scheme.

Many people believe that all MLM businesses are scams. That is simply not true, MLMs are legally operating businesses. Now, let’s take a look at replays. The people making the accusations that ACN is a scam are more than likely representatives who have failed to make any money in this business. Since these ex-reps didn’t make any money, it must be a scam. Some people in MLM act dishonestly. They will lie to you. In fact, they can promise you quick riches and lure you into schemes to make money off of you. This is why legal MLMs get a bad rap. So to emphasize my point again, most MLM companies, including ACN, are not scams.

ACN markets telecommunications services. They market telephone services associating themselves with the main telecommunications operators. ACN is currently partnering with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Network, Direct TV, etc. If ACN were a scam, these companies would not risk their reputations by partnering with ACN.

To get started with ACN, you need $500.00. If you were to start any other business, you would need much more than that.

You may not treat ACN or any MLM business as a hobby. This is a business, your business. You need to work hard on promoting your business. You cannot be successful in any MLM business unless you are willing to work for it.

If your business was a franchise of some kind, you would need to work at it every day. You couldn’t just open the franchise and sit back and make money. The same goes for your MLM business. Just because it’s a home-based business doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the work. To be successful, you need to introduce your business to many people. Introducing your business to family and friends is a start, but it’s not enough. You have to commit to yourself to work hard to be successful.

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