Advantages of west-facing house plans

West-facing house plans are ideal for people who like to enjoy the setting sun. If you are wondering what a west facing home is, this is a home that sits on a parcel with a road on the west side. One of the main advantages of the design is that it allows you to enjoy the warm afternoon sun. West-facing houses are believed to bring more wealth and prosperity and the owners of these houses have no enemies.

In addition to the fact that people who live in houses facing the west are prosperous in life, they are also said to be outgoing and loved by many people. They also make friends easily, which helps them in their businesses and careers.

How to Design a West-Facing House

As an architect, you need to consider a number of factors when designing a west-facing home. For ideal results, you should avoid planning the construction of the house on a T-shaped plot. This is because a house built on such a plot does not look elegant. According to Vastu, a house built on a T-shaped plot diverts the positive energy of the house causing conflict in couples.

In order for the home owner to enjoy the benefits of this design, it is recommended to design the home so that the master bedroom is located on the southwest side. Vastu also recommends that the master bedroom be located on the southwest side as the address promotes better understanding between the partners. You should build the children’s room on the west side of the house, while the guest room should be in the northwest direction.

To make sure enough sunlight gets into your home, you need to remove any clutter that may be on the west side. You also need to make sure that all tall trees are to the rear.

You need to ensure that there is less open space in front of a west facing parcel. When designing the house, you need to make sure that the front door is located in the western or northern half of the plot.

Experts recommend that the east and north directions of the plot be the best for water storage; therefore, these are the best places to put the water storage tank.


As mentioned above, a west facing home is ideal for people who like to enjoy the afternoon sun. While the afternoon sun is great to watch, it can be annoying at times, especially when you’re sliding into your house, making it difficult for you to watch TV or work on your computer. To avoid this, you must install blinds on your doors and windows.