AKC’s popularity curse – Yorkies for sale

You can’t be much cuter than Yorkshire Terrier puppies. When they are only eight weeks old, they are a dazzling mix of chic and scruffy. Since the breed is so small and its exercise needs are virtually nil, you can find Yorkies for sale in pet stores, classifieds, dog magazines, and online advertisements. And it is one of the dogs carried by thin famous stars, which makes them very fashionable.

But most of the Yorkies for sale come from inhuman puppy mills. Due to their small size and the demand for them, they are one of the most popular breeds found in these hideous places. Puppy mills are factory farms for dogs, which do not receive proper veterinary treatment, are kept in stacked wire cages and are immediately shot, electrocuted, or drowned when their short lives are wasted on making puppies, which is very energy consuming. . Those Yorkshire Terrier puppies don’t sound so cute now, do they?

The bad news is that most places that advertise the sale of Yorkies source their puppies from these inhumane puppy mills. These places include all the pet stores and all the internet advertisements that the puppy will send you and will not ask you any questions other than your payment method. Often times, there will be signs in front of the farms that say “Yorkies for sale” and you will go straight into a puppy mill. Inform the proper authorities if you come across such a disgusting place.

The good news is that Yorkies for sale can be found at licensed breeders across the country. If you specifically want a purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy, these are the best places to visit. These breeders only have a few Yorkies for sale each year, as their kennels and breeding operations are depleted at their homes. The fewer the number of dogs in a kennel, the more individual attention they receive.

But are you looking for Yorkies for sale because you want a companion? In that case, you should go to your local animal shelter or a Yorkshire Terrier rescue group. You probably won’t get papers with your dog, but you will find adult, purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppies. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that twenty-five percent of all abandoned dogs are purebred.

Most of the time, these dogs are abandoned through no fault of the dog. They are there because their previous owners did not take the time to learn basic Yorkshire Terrier puppy care. Most likely they bought the puppy on impulse, especially since they are so trendy now and didn’t realize what they were getting into. There are even puppies as young as six months old that are abandoned due to ignorance on the part of the owner. But the adults are usually already neutered and (for the most part) domesticated. They need extensive preparation, which puts off many previous owners.