Article Linkbaiting Strategy: Misleading Social Media Marketing in Action?

It is a fact that some people tend to misuse good opportunities in any field of human endeavour. On the subconscious level, the name “linkbaiting” may sound sly to some people or connote the use of “deceptive” tactics to quickly drive web traffic to a marketing blog site, etc. But then, it’s all a pun or semantics because if you look at this definition in its purest form (the big picture), the goal is to provide long-term, quality content to a niche audience.

I’ve brought up this issue because some web users have this perceived image of “someone with a fishing rod and fish bait on the end of a hook” trying to force-feed (or catch) and twist their arm.
someone else to accept rehash info or something like that in order to get backlinks. I have seen sentiments similar to these expressed on the Web and this is why some so-called linkbait pieces never see the light of day or the creators of the linkbaits are banned (for actual or perceived infringements) from forums or the Web. 2.0/Digg- style social networking story submission sites!

Here in this article are some of the hot strategies or laser-guided tips that you can easily use to improve yourself, and make sure your linkbait article doesn’t insult sensibilities.
from your discerning readers and potential readers, but it takes you to the next business level. So let’s get started, right here, right now! 🙂

Linkbaiting Strategy Article #1: “Strike Force Content” – Long Term Perspective!

The main subject of your article(s) should not depend on time or become obsolete in 1, 2 or 3 months, but should serve as the primary reference guide for many years to come for the
Existing and prospective readers of your websites, blogs, or other related blogs that have linked to your article(s). The long term perspective here has to project a powerful effect!

My use of the term “Strike Force” simply refers to the “delivery system” to break down industry jargon or technical language to simplify current affairs for beginners and intermediates.
specialists in online niche marketers, as well as providing seasoned online entrepreneurs with new perspectives on industry-related topics.

Thus, the linkbait piece will subsequently stimulate appreciative readers of a targeted niche audience to visit your websites and/or blogs to build a relationship, leading to sales of
front-end and back-end products and services. This also has the ability to ensure a buzz situation or rapid spread of your unique articles or content in the blogosphere, on the Internet and in offline publications. As Michel Fortin would say: “Narrow your focus to expand your sales.”

Article Link Baiting Strategy #2: Article Titles or Headlines

The headline or main headline is the first thing your reading audience will come across, and it should convey your messages simply but effectively. You need to make sure that your writing skills are well honed with reference to the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) formula. Use trigger words or positive action words like “New”, “Free”, “authentic”, “discount”, “unleashed” and much more to get attention.

Your title has to gradually match the first few sentences of the introductory section of your article, otherwise the reader might be confused as a result of the short attention span found especially among netizens or online reading audience if there is a deviation from the real topic to off-topic issues.

You have to come up with unique observations, which might even be controversial in nature, provide some current or recently published research data that is not yet in the public domain, shed more light on issues related to the industry, and much more creatively. there are ways you can use to create unlimited unique content.

You can read more of my thoughts on the issues raised in Linkbaiting Strategy #2 in a series of articles on Article Marketing – titled:

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Article Link Baiting Strategy #3: Article Subheadings to Improve Readability

Subheadings help focus your readers’ attention. Just like the reference I made in Article Linkbaiting Strategy #2, titles are crucial to attracting your audience to the introductory section of your article. I have seen very good articles published on some blogs, forums, article directories and Web 2.0 or social news sites like Digg with the intention of providing resources for the reading audience. These had no subheadings, just paragraphs. Imagine the endless opportunities you can derive simply by creating 5, 6 or more subheadings, then choosing the best one that appeals to you and your potential readers.

The inference here is that your “strike force content articles” or linkbait piece(s) have to be sincere, while meeting the immediate, short/long term needs and solutions of your niche audience. Linkbait content should be the main driver of consistent website or blog traffic, which consists of unique visitors who will then generate a buzz by linking to your articles from their blogs or websites.
sites, and you will also get more page views per unique visitor on your online business sites.

Linkbaiting Strategy Article #4: Images and Video Presentations Online

It is a fact that most people are visual creatures, especially men. But many of us also respond to what we hear and feel! It is based on this well-known fact (based on research going back many decades), that the use of images, images, and interactive multimedia presentations online can further improve the quality of your linkbait article, but the images should tell a history. also. Having a high resolution digital camera will come in handy here.

You can also source images from websites like Flickr and have your free interactive blog or web video presentation that is meant to engage all the human senses, to complement your unique linkbait content or articles. These have the added benefit of boosting your SEO strategies alongside profitable, high-traffic keywords and keyword phrases in your articles.

Just A QUICK NOTE: Knowing full well that some images you will be using will not be owned by you, YOU should make sure that attribution or source(s) are given for any free photo images you will be using on your blogs, for example, since that this is standard global practice, as are niche articles/books published online and offline that are copyrighted. I think you may have also heard or read about well-crafted “Cease and Desist” emails or letters. 🙂

Link Baiting Strategy Article #5: Call to Action, Right Now!

It is a fact that if you don’t tell or tell people what to do NEXT after taking the initiative to digest the unique contents of your articles, then everything you have done will lead to a pathetic result. It’s like a man who winks at a stunningly beautiful lady he likes (or loves), engages in a two-way conversation with her (with all visible body language communication), and then doesn’t follow up or mean the true intentions of her. her towards her. This would leave her hanging in the air as to her true intentions, until an “alpha male” who easily does the right thing shows up to pull the rug out from under her feet! 🙂 What a wasted opportunity this would be for the “winker” man.

That’s the way it is in online business and real-world business situations when readers of your linkbait content don’t get a specific call to action in your articles, report summaries, or “author bio sections.” Another savvy online entrepreneur will simply burst onto the scene as the “alpha male” in the short story above, then take action by urging readers to use a presented plan or idea and make it work for them! This is a win-win ACTION plan!

final thoughts

Whether you call it linkbaiting, mainstay article, core content, or “strike force content delivery system”, all online content publishers and article writers MUST keep in mind the guiding principles i.e. provision of good resources on your blogs and websites to ultimately build your credibility and brand in your target market, as opposed to the author of one or two shoddy articles looking for quick inbound links to a site. This eventually insults the intelligence of the reading audience.

If you are an affiliate and internet marketer, online ezine or newsletter publisher, small business blogger, weight loss expert, health and fitness professional, provide information technology training and/or services consulting for small internet businesses, or you are in fields of human endeavor that require YOU to be in the front line position of your niche market, then these 5 article link baiting strategies will be helpful in providing your readers with excellent resources, which are also entertaining, while building your reputation, boosting search engine ranking, higher PageRanks, strong backlinks from authoritative sites, creating spontaneous buzz in online communities, and MUCH MORE. Your sales and profits will literally explode, at a lower cost, in record time.

So last but not least, YOU need to get ready for a renewed surge of linkbaiting energy, right here, right now! “Oh…Where’s my hook? Hmm…I think I need to ‘hook’ another one.” 🙂

To Your Article Linkbaiting And Niche Online Business Success!


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