Babylon and the New World Order

If the trends of our current age continue, a world order dominated by socialist ideas will emerge. In time, the realignment of the nations will bring about the reign of the antichrist.

I am not a prophet. I reject those who today speak in the name of the Lord and are constantly wrong in everything they predict. I refuse to guess or trust my own changing spirit to generate messages for God’s people.

Because you see, God has already spoken. What I will share with you from Revelation 17 and other similar chapters, is God’s truth. will happen. And if the reset we see after America’s crash in 2020 continues, it may start to look like the end very soon. Pay attention to the Word of God.

Revelation 17 (NASB, 1995.)

The seventeenth chapter of Revelation has been discussed and discussed so often that men wish to ignore it today. But that is unfortunate. Revelation 17 tells us about

  • the last world religion

  • Babylonian identity.

  • the identity of the antichrist.

  • the ordering of world empires.

  • the order of events in recent times.

It’s certainly worth a little quiz on Revelation 17 to enlighten us on these issues, yes? Let’s try.

As the curtain rises on this chapter (17), it is obvious that he is about to back down. Because, by the end of chapter 16, all the great cities of all the great nations have fallen. Babylon, a world empire and world religion, has fallen. The islands and mountains no longer exist. Hailstones fall on the inhabitants of the earth as a last blast of judgment.

Then, an angel who participated in that horrible scene beckons to John and asks him to take a closer look at Babylon and the entity she has brought to power. before they put their cataclysmic end. Suddenly a sea of ​​mysteries is revealed, and we do well to see what Juan saw.

After all, the Holy Spirit has told us in the opening verses of the book: “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of prophecy and pay heed to what is written therein” (Revelation 1:3). So he reads with me, listens and listens.

First there is a description of a prostitute sitting on many waters. She is defined in verse 18 as “the great city that reigns over the kings of the earth.” Pretty simple I think. We Christians have steered clear of “naming names,” but is there any other great city in John’s day – “queen” is present tense – that could fit such a description besides the city of Rome?

Did not Rome do terrible harm to the Christian Church in John’s day and after? Didn’t pagan Rome pose many threats to the Church over the centuries? Didn’t pagan Rome merge with papal Rome with their burning of the Scriptures and their translators? Did not Rome condemn to flame those believers who spoke against her in those long years we call the Dark Ages? Dark because the Word of God was withheld from the people of God and the world?

Has this been better explained? Why should we try to hide something that is as clear as can be here in God’s Book?

The woman sits on many waters, on many nations, but come a little closer and you will see (v. 3) that she is aided in her conquest of the world by a scarlet “beast.” An animal with seven heads. and ten horns. She will soon explain herself to him, but not before the woman herself gets a close-up.

Beautiful attracts. Purple. Scarlett. The colors of royalty. Colors of bishops and cardinals of the Roman church, some have said.

Extraordinarily rich. Is there a religious power on earth more worthy of this description than the Vatican-based Roman church/state? Although listed as a religious organization, the land side of Vatican City is the 18th richest nation in the world, on a per capita basis.

The church is rich in its art, its land, its gold, its buildings, its investments, its political connections. Every source that tries to describe wealthy religious institutions puts Roman Catholicism at the top of the list.

He carries a cup full of things and practices that God hates, things that condemn men to eternal punishment. Jeremiah had a vision of the original city of Babylon (Jeremiah 50-51) of which John’s revelation is an echo:

“Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the Lord, making the whole earth drunk. The nations have drunk of her wine; therefore, the nations are going mad. Suddenly Babylon has fallen… (vs 7 -8)”

And then the angel who describes part of the image of a city that we thought we knew, and speaks of a Babylon in the days of Jesus. This New Testament era, Babylon, is “drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses – martyrs – of Jesus.”

John is puzzled. We also. Weren’t you talking about the old city of Babylon, angel? The one who came against your people Israel? How is this woman linked to the killing of Christians?

We keep reading.

Did I speak of the “original” Babylon? Did I give the impression that all the Old Testament talk about Babylon is just that, the Old Testament?

I have become more and more convinced that there is only one Babylon, renowned and overlapping in city after city, whose final manifestation is none other than the city of Rome.

Jeremiah said with John, a little later in Revelation, that Babylon would suddenly fall. But the “original” Babylon did not fall suddenly. Hundreds of years after the Medes and Persians captured her, she was alive and well, even at the time of Jesus and after.

If we look at the big picture, we could say that Babylon it has never fallen at all. She lived in Medo-Persia. In Greece. In Rome. pagan rome. Papal Rome. A kingdom that is still with us today.

For this we need Daniel’s help. Do you remember the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, who foretold the kingdoms of the earth after him? The statue represented Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and a ten-nation confederation coming out of Rome that would culminate in the coming of Christ to establish his own kingdom (Daniel 2).

If Rome was “Babylon” in the early days of the Roman Empire, why isn’t it still Babylon, now and to the end?

While the United States was fully engaged in contesting and defending a rigged election, on November 10 there was a meeting of the Mediterranean Union. Nothing sinister here. Nothing spectacular. But proof that Rome still lives, that the Roman Empire can arise at any time God sees fit. A report of the meeting from

“The UfM Trade Ministerial Conference underlined the importance of ensuring that Mediterranean partners can make the most of the opening of the markets. The recently launched trade and investment initiatives, supported by the EU and implemented by partner organisations: the Center for International Trade, the International Labor Organization and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – will contribute to this objective.With a total value of 11 million euros, they will reinforce the impact of trade and investment on job creation in the South of the Mediterranean and promote inclusive economic development”.

Executive Vice President and Commerce Commissioner Valdis dombrovskis fixed:

“The Mediterranean region has been well known throughout history for its thriving trade in knowledge and goods. I am pleased to see that the current pandemic did not stop this, and we agree that dynamic regional trade can play a vital role.” in economic recovery in the EU and the wider Euro-Mediterranean region”.

UfM Secretary General Nasser Kamel said:

Today’s meeting demonstrates the common willingness of 42 countries to work together in these areas and illustrates the UfM’s action-driven methodology that translates our political mandates into concrete initiatives through a multi-partner regional dialogue.”

Summary: A lot of money is being generated in the region. Much interdependence. Lots of power. Keep your eyes on this region.

Rome/Babylon stands before us. The answer to a dream of world domination, world unity. Be prepared.