Buying things for an ex girlfriend: dos and don’ts of ex-girlfriend gifts

When you try to be friends with your ex girlfriend, you may feel a sense of dread as a birthday or holiday approaches. You know you need to get her a gift, but you don’t want to send her the wrong message.

The type of gift you give your ex girlfriend is crucial and depends on many factors. Are you in a new relationship? Do you still have feelings for her? Do you want to get back together?

If you want to get back with your ex, then your current selection is even more important. Follow the advice in these pros and cons to get good ideas.

Select a gift based on something she said. Do you remember he said something that he really likes? Maybe you’ve ever mentioned your favorite childhood book or movie. Maybe she said something she wanted but would never buy for herself. When you give her this type of gift, she will be impressed with your memory and thoughtfulness.

Don’t buy her lingerie or other sexy things. These are too suggestive for an ex boyfriend to give and will make her uncomfortable.

Pick something that you like. When many people give gifts, they often select a gift based on their own tastes rather than the recipient’s. When you choose something based on her tastes, she will realize that you care about her.

Don’t send her flowers or give her a gift card. In most cases, these gifts are generic. It shows that you didn’t think much about what you wanted to get him. It could also mean a last minute gift, which doesn’t make her feel special.

Buy something that reminds you of something you did as a couple. A CD of a concert you went to with her or a night at her favorite restaurant are two things that might make her think fondly of you.

Don’t give him a joke gift. You may think it’s funny, but she probably won’t. In fact, it will be difficult for you to know what to think about this type of gift, which is not really the effect you want to have.