Calories from Laughter: Fun Quotes and Tips for Losing Weight

Did you know that you can burn calories laughing? A study from Vanderbilt University showed that up to 50 calories can be lost with a laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day. When people laugh, people burn 20% more calories. Laughter has other health benefits including stress reduction, immune system stimulation, natural pain relief, and increased blood flow (good for the heart); not a joke either.

Sadly, your sense of humor is one of the first things you lose on a diet. Let’s try to remedy that. Enjoy some humorous thoughts and have a laugh.

Fun Tips and Quotes for Weight Loss

Laughing burns calories, which is why everyone needs a giggle … some more than others.

Do not eat that!

Forget Liposuction – Try Labial Blockage!

Eat your food while looking in the mirror … totally naked!

Take big helium balloons

When eating donuts, only eat the middle part.

Weigh yourself with one foot on the scale.

Keep a pit bull in the kitchen

Use Parental Lock for Food Network on your TV – Eat PIN Number / Password.

Eat your food with a toothpick

LMAO is a great way to reduce weight on your hindquarters.

Don’t eat your dinner before breakfast.

Checkers – Drop 5 lbs. Instantly! Drop your bag.

Instead of carrying your laptop, start carrying your desktop PC.

Put a full-length mirror on your refrigerator door.

Hang your bikini in the fridge … definitely don’t do that if you’re a boy.

Remove the wheels from your shopping cart.

When weighing yourself on the scale, try to defy gravity.

Use Superglue as a lip gloss

Only eat foods that you can catch and kill with a toothpick.

Don’t burn grease with a candle … a blowtorch will work faster.

Like the silent tree that falls in the forest … food actually has no calories if no one sees you eating

Reduce your food intake if it weighs more than your refrigerator.

50 pounds. Cell phones

Make 600 tweets per hour. Hover over 6 packs of abs … 6 packs of fingers is the new fad (Note: only Twitter users can get that one)

Stop following some calories (another related to Twitter that can be overlooked)

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients … you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Swap dinner plates with your pet – Kibbles n ‘Bits and Little Friskies are great appetite suppressants.

Eat that rib roast with a straw

Set a goal to lose as much weight as your stock portfolio has in the last year.

Running to the refrigerator is not considered exercise.

Running to the fridge isn’t considered exercise … unless it’s a moving refrigerated truck.

You know you are overweight when your computer tells you that your @ is too big.

If you work at home … walking to work should not be considered daily exercise.

Exercise or exorcism – both are designed to beat you up!

Hopefully you are losing weight and cutting calories right now. You can enjoy more quotes for your soul diet at Funny Weight Loss Tips. Laughter should be on everyone’s menu … it tastes delicious!