Caring for Your Yorkie Rescue Dog

If you’re considering adopting an adult Yorkshire Terrier (a Yorkie) as your next pet, good for you! There are thousands who need good and loving homes. But there are a few things to keep in mind to know if a Yorkie rescue dog can fit harmoniously into your home. Knowing these things now can save you a lot of heartache later.

Most Yorkshire Terriers in animal rescues or shelters are males. Most weigh over ten pounds, which means their frames are sturdier than show-quality or teacup-sized Yorkies. A purebred Yorkie often has faults that would disqualify him from the show ring. Yorkies require just as much time and effort to care for as you would a large dog. Although they don’t need as much exercise as a large dog, they do need a lot of care and attention. Yorkies are not the best breed for those who have never owned a dog before, in general (you will always find exceptions to this rule).

Your Yorkie rescue dog may not match the photos of champion Yorkies in dog breed books or websites. That doesn’t mean your Yorkie isn’t a real Yorkie. Many Yorkshire Terriers fail to meet the strict standards of the show. If your Yorkie weighs more than seven pounds and is not overweight, there is a good chance that your dog is much healthier than a three-pound Yorkshire Terrier teacup. Your dog may also be a different color, have floppy ears, or have an overbite. But the dog could still be purebred.

The most common problem people have with Yorkie rescue dogs is housebreaking. All toy dogs have small bladders and are prone to accidents from not being able to hold much urine. However, many Yorkies have been successfully litter box trained. Expect your dog to have an accident if he can’t go outside once every four hours during the day. Make sure you have cleaning supplies and get anything really valuable off the floor.

There are two other things to consider before committing to a Yorkie rescue dog. They are more expensive to care for than the average dog. Because of their fast-growing, silky coats, they should be trimmed by you or a professional groomer about once a month. They have the weakest teeth in the dog kingdom and often need to visit the vet several times a year.

Yorkies also often have trouble holding their urine before they have a chance to go outside. However, these intelligent dogs can usually be successfully treated to use a smaller cat box. You need to be prepared for accidents and how to clean them up. If you’ve never housetrained a dog before, you’ll need a lot of training on the best way to do it. And never be afraid to ask for help with your Yorkie.