Creating the "WOW effect" sell your house

Selling your home is about creating an emotional response in a prospective buyer. Buyers buy with logic, but buy with emotion. The best homes are those that elicit that key emotional response from the moment a buyer arrives at the home and continues as they walk through each room in the home. Just as the best movies get better with each scene, so too should a home get better as the buyer evaluates it. The end result is buyers who love the home and can see themselves living in it the moment they open the door.

It sounds simple enough, however, producing this “wow effect” is best created and carefully planned by a professional home staging expert. You only have 5 seconds to make a good first impression on a buyer. If a home lacks emotional appeal, it appears undervalued and may languish in the market for longer than it should. “Home Staging is the specialty of decorating houses to sell faster and at the best price. A top home staging expert will create the” wow effect “from the curb appeal to every room in the house. The goal is to produce the emotional response to buy.

Homeowners on both coasts have become familiar with this concept in recent years. They realize that in order to stay away from the competition, they need an advantage. Home Staging is the least expensive way to produce that advantage. A top-notch real estate agent can market your home and attract potential buyers, but a well-equipped home will allow them to see themselves living in it.

Many home design shows have appeared on television in recent years. These programs have had the effect of enhancing consumer awareness of a well decorated home, thereby raising expectations. They want to see a “house ready to show” when they buy a house. Many people have a hard time seeing past a messy home with family photos adorning every wall.

Preparing a house to sell involves cluttering, depersonalizing, organizing furniture to create a warm and welcoming space, and accessories to create the pizazz you need. If a buyer sees a clean, well-organized, and welcoming home, the odds of selling the home increase dramatically. In fact, this type of home often seems more the exception than the rule. If a home developed well, it can be distinguished in a significant way and sell quickly and for the best price.

In a weak housing market, smart home sellers find that a Home Staging specialist is an affordable investment that protects them from having to consider a price cut. The average price reduction is roughly between $ 5 to $ 10,000. A Home Staging Consultant is more affordable and a viable alternative to lower your home price.

Many home buyers are unaware of the home organization. As awareness increases, so will the demand and importance of home staging for sellers. Many homeowners are under stress and overwhelmed when selling their home. A Home Staging Consultant can help alleviate your fears and concerns by creating a plan of action.

Also, many homeowners are very attached to their home. Some have owned their home for decades and are now selling. It can be a difficult and very personal experience for them. Selling a home can be especially difficult for people experiencing financial difficulties, divorce, job changes, etc. The transition from a highly personalized home to one that will be sold allows them to maximize the potential sale of their home and move into the next phase of their lives.

Real estate agents are also recognizing the importance of Home Staging. Many of the major real estate companies praise Home Staging for the many benefits it offers to real estate agents as well. Many real estate agents appreciate an objective third party to raise sensitive issues with their clients or when the husband and wife disagree. The agent does not have to appear to be choosing a side. Home Staging also allows real estate agents to do what they do best: market the home for sale.

Selling a home is increasingly challenging in today’s real estate market. However, the astute homeowner can use the skills of an experienced Home Staging expert, as well as a top Realtor, to sell their home faster and for the best price.