Daily Basketball Betting Tips: Pistons-Hornets 10/1/06 Game of the Day

The best game on Tuesday will surprise you and that is the Piston-Hornets showdown. The explosive game shouldn’t necessarily surprise the avid basketball fan with Lebron taking on the Knicks.

Best: Pistons @ Hornets: The Hornets have won comfortably against San Antonio and Miami at home and this game should be a fight for Detroit. Expect a raucous, exhausted crowd to take on the Pistons, who haven’t appeared in games against weak opponents any more than strong ones. The Pistons are entering this game on a sliding note.Expected score: New Orleans / Oklahoma City win in upset 101-98

Runner-up: Celtics @ Hawks: Is it possible for any team to get swept up by the Hawks? That’s what the Celtics face when they head to Atlanta after suffering a couple of losses to Atlanta. It doesn’t say much about your playoff chances when you fight to beat the Hawks. I have to imagine that Paul Pierce will step up and guide them over Atlanta. Expected score: Boston wins at Highway 113-108

Blowout: Knicks @ Cavaliers: The Knicks have done poorly against teams that are stronger and more physical than they are. The smaller Knicks have SG Jamal Crawford defending LeBron James, which is a recipe for disaster. Expected score: Cleveland comfortably wins in double-digit beating 109-94