Do you like crabs? San Francisco restaurant review

This weekend was a long weekend. It was Memorial Day weekend. We wanted to have something remarkable, because it was a 3 day weekend. Like any other weekend, we went to the 24-hour gym for a morning workout. We did 2 exercise classes in our gym, Boot Camp and Dance for 2 hours, sweat a little. We return home after working out, shower, relax, and then call the restaurant to make a reservation.

This restaurant is “Tanh Long”, in Sunset, San Francisco. We have known this restaurant famous for crabs. Since we both love crabs, we decided to go to this restaurant.

“Tanh Long” is the sister restaurant to a downtown San Francisco restaurant, “Crustacean.” “Crustacean” is a high class, business and relatively expensive restaurant. My office mates took us to “Crustacean”. Crustacean’s head chef told us about the sister restaurant “Tanh Long”, which is a more family-friendly restaurant with almost the same menu as Crustacean.

His recommendation is the same as that of the bear, which is “Whole crab roasted with garlic.” They have a different style of crab cooking than San Francisco locals know. The crabs were simply boiled in seawater at Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants. This restaurant grills whole crab with lots of garlic and oils.

It is so different and it tastes great. That’s why people keep coming back even though it was the highest priced item on the menu. The location of this restaurant is on the corner of Judah and 47th street, in downtown San Francisco. On the outside it doesn’t appear to be an excellent restaurant, but on the inside it is elegant and clean. This was the original restaurant of these 2 successful sister restaurants in San Francisco, opened by a Vietnamese gentleman. My memory of dining in Vietnam does not tell me anything similar served in Vietnam. It can be Vietnamese food made in San Francisco. Benihana-style barbecue is not made exactly in Japan, but in New York.

“Grilled Crab”, “Tiger Prawn” and “Garlic Noodles” were our picks that day. Eating this crab, or any crab, you cannot do anything other than continue eating until you finish the crab, since your hands and fingers will be full of oil, garlic, meat and shells. You can’t even get silver or wine glasses. We spent two and a half hours there. It was a long dinner, without so much conversation. We don’t need a lot of conversation to enjoy delicious meals. Japanese vendors suggest that you select a crab restaurant if you need to dine with a difficult customer. Your difficult customer will be quiet during dinner, because he was busy eating the crab. How true it is!

The “Thanh Long” restaurant is located on the corner of Judah and 47th Street. The location for “crustaceans” is Polk and California. You can search for them on the Internet by name and location; “Thanh Long, San Francisco” and “Crestacean, San Francisco”.