Does Mucinex Children’s Medicine Help Chances For Preventing Coughs?

Mucinex Children’s Medicine

Mucinex is a new nasal congestion medication that has just come on the market. Mucinex is an inhaled decongestant that contains a synthetic compound called mucinex. The mucinex compound has a dual action of decreasing obstruction of the respiratory tract and at the same time keeping the airways open during an asthma attack. Mucinex does not cause any change in heart rate or blood pressure like some other asthma medications do. However, it is better to know what exactly is in the medicine and how it works rather than simply taking a guess as to its working.

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The two main active ingredients in Mucinex are sodium bicarbonate and pepsin. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a decongestant by creating a swelling effect. It is more effective than plain old salt. Pepsin has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and acts as a bronchodilator. Most doctors prefer the latter as it keeps the air passages open when there is severe coughing.

Children with mild cases of nasal drip may be given Mucinex every 4 hours. This dosage is usually enough for occasional trouble spots but if the problem remains every day, a higher dosage may be added as needed. Generally, the doctor will want to see the mucus levels go down before he gives the medicine. In the case of a very congested chest, the doctor may have to increase the dosage to 15 ml.

Does Mucinex Children’s Medicine Help Chances For Preventing Coughs?

It seems that Mucinex can help reduce the incidence of nasal congestion. However, one of the biggest problems with Mucinex as a preventative treatment is that it doesn’t reduce the stuffy nose symptoms. So does this medicine really work to help with the stuffy nose? As I said, the answer is yes, it does. And, in the case of chronic or recurrent chest congestion, the answer is no.

The main function of Mucinex is to loosen mucus and allow breathing through the nasal decongestant. Once again, it is a good choice, but only when you have a stuffy nose and your doctor has suggested it. When your condition persists, you may want to look for a better solution.

What makes mucinex a good choice for children with a stuffy nose? Mucinex can be purchased without a prescription and is considered generally safe. It contains substances that have been shown to be effective against common childhood coughs. It is especially helpful if your child also suffers from runny or blocked nose. It does not cause any side effects, and is a good choice for kids who are uncomfortable taking medicines. Mucinex children’s medicine is an alternative to traditional medicines for chronic or recurrent chest congestion caused by colds and flu.