Gifts for neighbors who move

Your children have played together. Both husbands coordinated and erected that wooden fence between their properties and installed a gate between the two patios. This neighbor has been your best friend. You’ve shared raising your children, she gave you that big flowering bush in front of you, and you even shared your family’s recipes with her. Now they are moving. It is as if a part of your family is moving across the country.

They have both said they will keep in touch. You will write and she will write. There will be occasional phone calls back and forth. You want to give him a gift that will have a special meaning in your life together or will continue the closeness you have. Your neighbor also has her hands full packing. You want to give her something to help her. So what do you give your dearest neighbor?

I have some suggestions. Perhaps some of these are correct.

-If you are better speaking than writing, then keep in touch with phone calls. Buy a long distance calling card to stay in touch. Look for a card with a picture of the plant he gave you, or two houses next to each other, or another symbol of your friendship.

-Your neighbor will need to notify everyone about your change of address. Pick up a mailing address change packet at the post office and fill in your old and new addresses.

-Get a new address book and have all the neighbors add their information.

-Check your old photos and put together a picture book of all the times they have shared.

-As a memento of your lasting friendship, get a small plant or tree for your neighbor to plant in their new garden.

-Find or write a poem about your friendship, type or calligraphy on stationery and frame it to hang in your new home.

-Find a doormat with your last name inscribed on it.

-If your neighbor has a dog, get a new dog tag with his name and the new address and phone number.

-Get a nice stationery box, seal each envelope and write your address on each one.

-If it’s going to be a long drive to your new town, pack a picnic basket with all the goodies the family likes.

-When you arrive, your neighbors will have their hands full unpacking. Pack a basket of canned meats, cheese, and crackers to help you on a busy night.

-Get gift coupons from national pizzerias, fast take away places. This will help for the trip and those unpacking nights.