Gold and silver bars Noah’s new ark

The global spot market price for precious metals is perhaps one of the most misleading practices within the precious metals industry, as each nation has a unique internal price for all other nations regarding how gold is priced; including the fact that spot prices are generally reserved for industry insiders and the like as a functional measurement tool to usurp global wealth.

You may not realize this fact, but did you know that Western nations will not sell gold bullion to China? no western nation will sell gold or silver bullion from China, now why is this happening? Most Western nations boast of the fact that they have two to three thousand tons of gold bullion reserves, while China has only a fraction of that amount, but the demand from Western nations. China to revalue its currency without adequate gold bullion reserves to back up its currency.

Yet considered on today’s world stage; The increasing need and demand to know what is sustainable, viable and transportable is now the burning question that many around the world would like to know; history has brutally tested what is and what is not sustainable or viable with three essential categories in focus.

I. Precious metals (viable and valuable globally)

II. Knowledge and skills of modern value (very viable with global demand)

III. Ability and willingness to travel (a street of importance and first necessity)

These factors are important but are never discussed in the mainstream and are simply the games that Western nations play with their respective populations, including emerging economies, as well as so-called third world economies; However, all this will change in the coming months, Africa will once again become the focus of the world, as well as South America, because these two regions have 60% of the most strategic resources in the world in practically every imaginable category and they will eventually become places of great human migration for professionals and skilled workers.

Although the spot market price of gold bars has fallen by approximately 20% there is no reason to panic; because when gold starts to rise steadily as expected; Soon the next big sale could be the last of its kind, so start shopping for the hardware while it’s affordable; But the most important thing is to look at the history of precious metals throughout recent history as a barometer.

Gold and silver bullion is now Noah’s ark of the 21st century in many ways, now that you have some measure of what it retains value, take that gold and silver bullion and acquire other real assets in exchange for that bullion, there are many excellent deals available. Today this includes property, land and much more, this is your chance, read the signs and take action and don’t be fooled by industry sales and negative games, get the physical stuff as time is not on our side.