Google Mums – What Are They?

Google’s latest product, the Google MMS mobile application, is a new way of sending short text messages to your friend on their mobiles. With this application you can now share images or videos directly to your friend’s phone, and have it automatically sent to all their phones at once, all from one simple application. And if your friend doesn’t already have an account with Google then no problem, they are able to sign up for one extremely easy to use application that will give them instant access to all the cool benefits of Google MMS.

The other advantage that these two services have is that they allow you to share live and recorded video and audio streams to your friends via their mobile device. This is fantastic for any business who travels around, has sales meetings or simply works out in their pajamas. Now you can have all the power of video conferencing without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. Not only this, but there are a large number of other useful applications that are currently available for download straight from Google Play. These apps can not only be used with the Google MMS device, but they also work on the Android phones, Blackberrys and even iPhones.

Google MUM

One of the most exciting applications that has been launched recently is Google Earth. This amazing application uses real satellite images to create panoramic scenes depicting your location in gorgeous detail. This allows you to see exactly where you are in relation to your surroundings. From there you can view in detail the sights that you would ordinarily be able to see from the street such as buildings, streets and other landmarks.

Google Mums – What Are They?

Google Earth also allows you to find out more about yourself by searching for specific locations. You can enter your address into the device and see exactly where you are located in Google Maps. You can see how far you are from your office to your home, how many miles you have walked, and where you are in relation to major roads such as motorways and freeways. There are numerous other additions that are available as well. These include flight fares, bus schedules, train times and even the time in which you are due to arrive at your destination.

The Google Mum Future model is also equipped with a number of useful applications. With the device you are able to manage your calendar accordingly to different events. You can set your holiday alerts to remind you of when you need to travel. You can also use the device to set reminders for fitness classes or to remind you to watch a movie. You can even set a timer and then automatically start your workout when the timer is met.

If you have any concerns then you should contact Google immediately. They will assist you in any way they can. You can get in touch with customer service if you need help or you can alternatively purchase a Google Mum phone and use it on your behalf. Google will provide all the accessories necessary to allow you to enjoy your Google Mum experience. The devices are available for a price in the UK of more than twenty pounds (approx. EA thirty), so this may not be a device that you would want to invest a lot of money in.