Gorge Windsurf Shops

The image of a windsurfing spot is often one of an exotic sun-drenched beach with swaying palm trees or a picturesque lake or lagoon. However, rarely do people think of a river gorge as a likely windsurfing destination. However, there are surf fans who are especially inclined to practice canyoning windsurfing. The Columbia River Gorge is the most popular windsurfing spot in the Gorge and is swallowed by windsurfers every year. Although canyoning windsurfing can be practiced with regular equipment, if the conditions are difficult, you will need high wind equipment. There are a large number of windsurf shops to buy or rent windsurfing equipment in the gorge.

Windsurf Gorge Blinds

There are many shops selling self-made or other brand gorge windsurfing equipment. Some of the featured stores are:

  1. Wind: Windance offers a range of windsurfing gear and gear especially for gorge windsurfing. Windance also makes surfboards itself and is a brand to watch out for especially in the Columbia River area. The shop was established in 1984 and has since become synonymous with windsurfing in the gorge. Dave Nunn, the owner of Windance, is a huge windsurfing enthusiast and shares information about the various windsurfing events taking place in the Columbia Gorge, the city of Hood River, and the latest windsurfing equipment available in the shop.
  2. Gorge Surf House: Established in 1989, the Gorge Surf House is run by the famous Scott Freeman. Unlike Windance, Gorge Surf House does not make its own equipment. As an expert windsurfer, Scott understands the importance of selecting the right equipment. He therefore has hired experienced surfers as clerks in his shop so they can guide shoppers to buy the right gear. In addition to top brands, Gorge Surf House also offers used surf gear for those who don’t want to spend too much on new equipment.
  3. Great winds: Based on the one stop shop for windsurfing concept, it is one of the most comprehensive shops in the Columbia River Gorge. Not only does he offer windsurfing equipment and equipment, but he also provides windsurfing lessons for all levels of surfers. From basic windsurfing lessons to the most advanced levels, Big Winds provides guidance at every step. The shop also runs windsurfing camps for kids every year in Hood River. Big Winds also offers equipment and equipment for rent for the seasonal surfers.
  4. wind wing: Another prominent windsurf shop in the Gorge, Windwing is one of the oldest windsurf shops in the Hood River area. The shop opened some twenty-five years ago and has since become a leading outlet for all windsurfing gear and equipment. One of the highlights of the Windwing are the Bash sails. A bash sail would allow the surfer to use it for any type of windsurfing and helps eliminate the hassle of changing sails every time conditions change.

These are just a few of the larger windsurf shops in the Columbia River Gorge. There are several small shops and companies in the Gorge area that supply all types of windsurfing equipment.