Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo is a first person shooter game with the story of a movie and the artwork of a graphic novel. Some say it is overrated; it’s one of the most replayable games I’ve come across, especially when playing with friends.

So why not buy the original Halo? Halo: Combat Evolved is a game with an incredible story and that allows you to stare at the incredibly detailed rays of the sun until you go blind (that joke was for Halo veterans). Best of all, you can buy new X-Box systems cheaply. Even better, you can get the original Halo: Combat Evolved for pennies on the dollar off its original $ 50 price.

What is Halo?

So what is Halo? I’m addressing this to the newcomer, that guy who just played FPS computer games or strategy games like Civilization. It is an FPS (first person shooter game) that has legions of fans around the world; It is the distinctive title of the original X-Box system, and some say it is the best game of the original X-Box. The original spawned a series of comic books published by Marvel, novels published by Tor publisher of speculative fiction, and even some talk about a movie.

But what is Halo? Halo 1, 2, and 3 are first person shots, but they are third person. You are Master Chief, a future hybrid soldier fighting to keep humanity alive. In your face is the pact, an advanced alien race that set out to wipe out humanity. It’s kind of weird that our last hope is an android, but it actually happened in “Terminator 2” and it’s all about fun.

Who are you fighting with?

The Master Chief battles the Covenant, a race filled with all manner of strange characters, from Elites to Grunts, Hunters and Jackals. Each opponent faces you in a different way: a grunt, a scared little character, usually runs away from you unless there are many. But Elites and Hunters, on the other hand, bigger opponents, are smarter and willing to charge directly at you with a pistol or sword.

How to Play:

This is where Halo rises above many first-person shooter console games. In the original, Halo: Combat Evolved, you only play as the Master Chief, unlike in Halo 2 where you can play alien characters. You take on the Covenant for much of the game, then in later levels you’ll fight the Flood, another dark alien race that looks a lot like zombies and acts like one too. But the gameplay works really well here. The opponents are really smart! They can trick you … charge you … form against you … or even shoot you from a distance. It is like an advanced war game built with high-end graphics.


I’ll say it again: this is where Halo rises above many FPS games. “Doom”, for example, had a decent story, but not as good as the entire Halo franchise. You are humanity’s last hope, a soldier with the odds against him. Simple as that.


It is perhaps the best game for the original X-Box in terms of graphics. It won’t get much better unless you play “Halo 2”. I mentioned the rays of the sun. In fact, you can stare into the rays of the sun, seeing a halo of light. That’s a good example of the remarkable talent that goes into creating realistic environments.

Repeat, repeat, repeat:

If you want a fun team game, something that you can get together with friends and just blow up a few things, Halo: Combat Evolved is a good option. Playing with just one person can get old. Or having a very experienced player against a rookie also goes out of style. But if you play long enough, you get good enough, it’s almost a guarantee that games against or in teams will be fun. And did I say something about the difficulty? Try the “legend”, the hardest difficulty. Then after you die … try again.

The next games to buy? Buy first person shooter games for PC. Buy the Playstation – Get out of the X-Box. Halo is over. Kill Zone and Crysis are available on PlayStation, along with other shooting games and dungeons and dragons. You can’t just play shooters. You can play some strategy, some puzzle gun games.