Hate Valentine’s Day? Three tips to survive

February is a cold and unforgiving month.

Surrounded for another year by cheesy slogans and cheesy commercials, my ex could have been right. Valentine’s Day could be a conspiracy between card companies, florists, and chocolate makers.

Isn’t it a bit silly to assign love to a month … a day? What … are you supposed to treat someone casually for 364 days and then that day … make up for it?

Valentine’s Day is only perfect for certain people at certain times. If you get a date with a great new guy a month before Valentine’s Day … ka-ching! You can expect gifts, dinners, and good wine. I think the guys are really relieved to have a new girlfriend on the big day. We are so easily impressed.

Otherwise singles hate Valentine’s Day because they are still single. Married women hate him because he is never like before. Men hate him because no matter what they do, his wife is never satisfied. And of course the kids hate it because one, they didn’t get as many Valentine’s cards as the popular kid and two, there are a lot of pouts in the house. I already told you … February is a cold and heartless month!

If Valentine’s Day sucks again for you this year and a part of you still yearns to be with someone or to be truly loved by your man. I can help you. Do not give up. Here are three ways to get through this bloated day and feel better:

1. Give funny Valentine’s cards to 6 people who wouldn’t expect one from you. People like the postman, the UPS guy, the Starbuck barista, the school bus driver, or the bank teller, people you see every day who serve you in some way. Sweeten the pot by adding a lottery ticket. It is sure to bring a smile.

2. Treat yourself to a spa treatment. Get a massage or mani / pedi on a massage chair. My clients complain that they don’t get enough physical attention, you know what I mean? You don’t need a boyfriend to massage your shoulders. You can often get great rates on massages at a massage school in your city. Check it out.

3. Get involved in some kind of charitable outreach. My husband and I volunteer at the cat shelter to socialize the kittens and prepare them for adoption. Love it. I can play with the kittens, hug them and love them. I can also see the faces of the families who adopt them. There is a lot of love to give and receive in any type of volunteering. The best way to bring love closer.

How do I celebrate Valentine’s Day? My sweetie and I share a lot of romance throughout the year. We have made expensive dinners and champagne by the fireplace. This year we are going to an art show and a morning concert session. We exchange small gifts and celebrate our meeting. I feel very lucky to have attracted this wonderful man into my life.