Homemade sex toys for men to enjoy

When it comes to masturbation, some men are never bored. Either because they love the way their hand feels or because they practice different grip and rhythm techniques, more power to them. But, for some men, the same old hand can get a little lackluster after a while. Since regular use and frequent ejaculations are beneficial to penile health, it is important for men to find ways to delight in self-gratification. The following fun DIY tips will teach men how to give their hand a break by creating their own sex toys from items found around the house.

1) Toilet paper / paper towel tube: For many men, the cardboard tubes that provide structural integrity to toilet paper and paper towel rolls can also provide a tight but comfortable fit for an anxious penis. The cardboard itself is too rough for the penis, so men should use their favorite condoms with this method. Simply insert the condom into the tube, fold the open end over the edge of the tube, and tape it in place on the outside of the tube. Put some lube on the condom and go to town. Men can get additional pleasure by pulling on the tip of the condom while masturbating; this creates a sucking sensation, replicating oral play.

2) Cup and sponge: A man can also look for a mug in his kitchen that is long enough to house his member. Then you can take two sponges, large enough to fill half the inner wall of the cup, dip them in warm water, and then place them comfortably inside the cup. Guys should make sure to use the softest sponges for this one. Put lubricant in the crevices between the sponges and throw it away.

3) Bubble wrap bottle: This one is similar, but more complex and more than the previous cup and sponge method. Guys can evenly cut the top of a plastic soda bottle; Then they can take two large sponges, place them side by side in a large sheet of bubble wrap, and wrap them. There should be extra bubble wrap that can be used to stretch over the rim of the bottle. Place the wrapped sponges inside the bottle; They should cover most of the inside walls of the bottle and leave a hole in the middle of the bottle large enough to insert the penis. Fold the extra bubble wrap over the top edge of the bottle and tape it to the outside. Lubricate the inside and enjoy the sensation of the bubbles on the penis.

4) Old fashioned sock: Most of the guys have seen the movie American Pie and have at least considered pouring themselves into a sock. The trick here is to put a surgical glove inside the sock with a little lubricant, as the sock material can irritate the penis. Roll up the top of the sock to create a tight donut, place the glove inside and fold the opening over the top of the sock. Then it is ready to go.

5) Sofa cushion bag: Guys should be careful with this one, as a heavy sofa cushion could put too much pressure on the member. If one’s furniture is deemed adequate, a man can simply fill a plastic bag with lube (taking the time to cut the zipper strip if the bag has one), place it between the sofa cushions, and enjoy the replicated vagina. .

Even when a man takes precautions to ensure that he is playing with his new toys safely (using a lot of lubricant and condoms or glove liners, for example), frequent masturbation and the friction it brings can make the member feel irritated. And dry. To help the skin heal and stay strong, men can use a penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with shea butter and vitamin E after showering; These natural moisturizers will keep skin soft, supple, and ready for the next session.