How not to be jealous of your friend

Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds you can have. If you have been blessed with beautiful friends in your life, you should try to be happy to have them. There are too many good things in our life and friendship is one of those bonds that is meant to give you the strength to hold on in times of need.

Are you jealous of your friend?

Some people tend to be jealous of their friends because watching them grow in popularity can make you uneasy. This is absolutely wrong because friendship is one of those bonds that is based on trust rather than envy.

If you envy your friend, it conveys that you don’t really love the person and the bond will lose its glory, luster, and shine.

Love unconditionally without expectations

It is important to love your friend without expecting anything in return. When you do, it will give you immense happiness and your heart will blossom. Love and friendship closely coincide and both bonds are meant to be based on disinterested emotions. The moment you begin to have a give and take relationship, the bond of true friendship will crumple into existence.

When you love someone unconditionally, you will never be jealous of what they have accomplished. On the contrary, you will appreciate their success story and it will fill you with pride.

You win when they win

When you have some of the best friends in your life, you will never feel lost in your life. Every time they win, you would too. Best friends are those who revel in the victories of others. Jealousy and envy are two of those emotions that have absolutely no place in the bond of friendship. You can never envy your friends because all you feel for them is the joy of love and the happiness of being together. Friendship is believed to be a bond that gives people the strength to believe in happier times and a beautiful tomorrow. Just knowing that your friend is doing well will make you happy and cheer for the good in life.

So if you envy your friend, it simply means that the bond has been rusted and you are no longer a friend. Friendship is one of the purest forms of love.