How the Exit Sign Hidden Spy Camera Showed More Than the Exit

Part of the success of a hidden spy camera is the idea of ​​’hiding something in plain sight’. Very few items in a retail setting look more innocent than an exit sign. They are as common as a cold. People see them everywhere. That is exactly why they are the perfect surveillance tool for business owners.

Police professionals and private investigators have been using hidden cameras for decades with great success. Until recently they were the only ones who could afford a good hidden camera.

With great advances in technology, good to great hidden cameras are now available at a reasonable cost with features that even professionals love. This makes them more accessible than ever for homeowners and businesses alike.

The Exit Sign Hidden Camera is perfect for businesses large and small like restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, apartment complexes, and anywhere you want to see what’s going on when you can’t be there.

Connects the output signal and points it in the direction you want to record. This feeds the output signal, the camera and the DVR that work within the signal. You can start recording with the remote control that comes with the camera.

The DVR performs motion activated recording to eliminate dead time. All recordings are date and time stamped for easy retrieval. Motion detection area masking allows you to hide unwanted fields of view.

Depending on the desired recording quality, you can record from 8 to 144 hours on an 8 GB SD card with variations in speed and resolution. When you’re ready to play, remove the SD card and insert it into your computer, or alternatively, use the RCA cable to your TV for easy, hassle-free playback. It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

Employees who know that there is a surveillance or security system will tend to be more honest. I have often said that everyone is honest until given the opportunity to cheat or steal. Given the opportunity, almost everyone will cheat or steal. Business owners must take steps to eliminate the opportunity to steal or cheat their employees and thus keep them honest.

There is also ample evidence that hidden cameras can save insurance dollars with lower premiums; they can pay for themselves in a matter of years. Check with your loss prevention provider for more information.

If you want a simple and easy way to record what happens when you’re not there and keep what’s yours, this is it!