How to become an event planner

Some of you may be wondering why learning How to Become an Event and Party Planner would be of interest to someone. But, if you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business and having the freedom that comes with it, then you are definitely interested in the event planning industry. Worldwide, annual sales generated in the event, business and party planning industry exceed $ 500 billion USD (Source: International Special Events Society). Anyone entering this industry has a wide range of options available and a huge market to tap into.

Estimated start-up costs:

The initial costs of becoming an event and party planner are relatively low, but will depend on the services you intend to offer. For most, essential equipment includes: cell phone, laptop, business cards, yellow pages ads, and a good organizer of some sort. If you intend to offer catering as one of your event planning jobs, then you will clearly need a fully equipped kitchen, but it is possible to outsource this function if you are coordinating the entire event. Basic start-up costs, including a rough estimate of liability insurance, would be less than $ 2,500 if you did your homework and found a few bargains along the way.

Recommended experience, skills and training:

Although college degrees are available to an event planner, most entrepreneurs within the industry do not have one. Most business owners started out in business meeting or catering planning and expanded into event planning. However, many owners have attended classes and obtained certification. In addition to education, learning to become an event and party planner includes experience in the following areas: marketing, accounting, management, and sales.

Marketing tips:

To gain credibility as a competent event planner, it is imperative that you present a professional image at all times. All your invoices, emails, business cards and correspondence must bear your company logo and have continuity in visual presentation. You will probably see good results by joining networking groups and your local chamber of commerce. Word of mouth will be critical in the early stages while working with your audience, but you will need a completely professional image and marketing strategy to get your corporate accounts.

Building a website and filling it with a wealth of useful content will get you high in search engine rankings and provide you with a powerful marketing tool to help you promote your business. Be sure to include a link to this website in all your emails and correspondence as an inexpensive but effective way to drive traffic to your site. Finally, use direct mail campaigns to local businesses that include some kind of promotion or discount for using their services.

Financing sources:

Learning how to become an event and party planner takes years of experience and a knack for organizing, but it doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital. This is very fortunate because most banks are not going to lend you the money anyway if it is a new business. But, if you already own a catering business and are simply looking to diversify your services, your local bank is definitely an option. For everyone else, consider your friends and family if you don’t already have a computer or cash.

Income potential:

The learning income potential for an event planner is only limited by their ability to sell themselves and their services to clients. With over $ 500 billion at stake, there’s no reason you can’t see six figures in the first three years. However, like any business, you will only be successful if you provide unmatched service time and time again. But, if you love planning an event and seeing people happy, becoming a party and event planner is for you and a way to achieve financial independence.