How to Do Mass Email Marketing

Mass email is a type of email that you send to multiple people at once, but this is what happens when you send mass emails.-

1. Risk of receiving spam

2. It sounds like a promotional email

3. It is not relevant to most people.

4. Risk of casualties

5. Time consuming

So, do you want a solution to overcome these problems?

Is Mass Email Marketing Dead?

You may have heard that mass email marketing is dead, but is it true?

Well no but yeah if you are doing it the wrong way you are surely dead and not just mass email marketing if you are following the old practices even email marketing itself is dead.

The world is evolving and things in it will be considered dead if they are not evolving.

Think of the iPhone as mass email marketing and remember when Apple introduced the iPhone 4, people were crazy about it, right…but what about now…they prefer the latest versions over the older versions.

Imagine if Apple didn’t come out with later versions, then we must be saying the iPhone is dead, right?

Such is the case with mass email marketing, it is not dead at all, but the old methods of mass email marketing are dead… So stop following the old methods and practice the new proven methods.-

Let’s learn about the correct methods and practices of mass email marketing:

1. Choosing the Right Bulk Email Service Provider

Email service provider is a hot topic these days because service providers provide services on their premises to millions and millions of businesses, bulk email tools are one of the facilities that are offered by those service providers and there are many more such as automation tools, drag and drop email builders, many pre-made templates, analytics and much more, after all, they are email service providers, which means they promise to provide all email marketing features. email, and some of the software actually provides those features. Also, service providers are easy to learn and save. time in a large quantity.

But whenever we think of email service providers, a question arises as to which service provider is worth choosing, there are a huge number of email service providers but honestly, in a serious node, it’s only worth look at some, while others have many drawbacks and limitation, you can try some email service provider with high ratings.

2. Creation of targeted mailing lists

Bulk email service providers will do almost everything for you, but there are certain things you will need to do yourself and list building is one of them.

The reason for creating mailing lists is to collect emails from those people who are really interested in what you sell and who are always active on the Internet.

There are many ways that you can build your email lists, but we will mention some of the effective methods.

A. Offer the button to join your own mailing list

Place a form on your web page asking users to subscribe to your mailing lists, place some information request fields, ie email address, name, country/city/state and interest criteria… A simple form that asks for email address is recommended because it doesn’t take much effort to fill out and sign up.

B. Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page is another way to get mailing lists, just ask users to like your facebook page and there on the fan page you can put a subscribe CTA to subscribe, there are a lot of people who use facebook every day and love facebook interaction if your company is active on facebook giving lots of offers to fans then bring those fans to the real business.

C. Paid Ads

Another effective way to get mailing lists or make your brand famous is to use paid ads, Google AdWords are the most famous and Facebook also offers advertising plans and they call it Facebook business.

D. Purchasing mailing lists

This is the least recommended because it has some drawbacks like spam lists and unsuitable mailing lists, but it also works for some users if it matches your business.

Note: We recommend collecting mailing lists using genuine methods like the first three on the list‚

3.Time management

You are sending bulk emails to thousands of users and if the timing is wrong, all the efforts are going to waste.

There are a lot of researches and surveys on what time most people check their emails and what kind of people are most connected to mail services.

One of the surveys tells us that most people open the emails they received at the beginning of the week, that is, from Monday to Friday, and the number of people who open their emails on Saturday and Sunday is very small in compared to weekdays.

While the time most emails are opened is around noon during lunch.

But the type of email is also important, for example, if you are sending a coupon to your subscribers and you know that most people shop on Saturday, then Saturday morning is best.

On the other hand, suppose people like to sleep in on Sundays and then your new product announcement will surely be ignored, so manage your time by finding out all the details of your business.

4. Think about giving benefits

Your subscribers are everything, they are going to take your business to the next level, but first you need to earn their loyalty and if you only think about your business and don’t care about your subscribers or customers, then you are not going to achieve your Loyalty for sure, try to think of another way and profit with you every email once you grab their attention and successfully build their loyalty, your business will automatically grow.

I’m going to give you two examples, neither is good or bad, but one cares about people and the other doesn’t.

Example 1:

You received an email about the latest products from a large company and they look great in the photos.

They say “Don’t miss your chance to get our latest products”

Example 2:

You received an email from another company that also sells their latest products, but they come with a different approach that makes you feel like you.

They say, “Don’t miss your chance for a Friday special 40% off our latest products.”

Well, which one would you like to choose? Obviously example 2 because they are offering you a 40% discount on their latest products.

Understood?.- We recommend thinking about people first and trying to give them many benefits.

5. Email quality and design matter

Your email design is your identity in the email world and if it is not beautiful and attractive you will not get enough attention though strategy is the most important but if you practice good strategies and have beautiful email look then will appear as a mark.

I saw some companies sending emails without any flair, they are either copying others or just not paying attention to the look of the email and either way it’s a marketing technique of the week.

Making your emails look better does not mean how beautiful they look but it shows how organized and serious you are about your company or brand, your emails should not only be attractive but also look attractive, consider it as an inauguration and yes. It is so important

Also keep your layouts simple, short and easy to read and follow, don’t embellish them too much so they don’t become complex and almost hard for readers to read.

Making your emails mobile-friendly is also very important, with 69% of people opening their emails on smartphones 4 times a day, according to recent research.