How to play the Pokémon Go game and when will it be released in Asian countries like the Philippines?

Many netizens were eager to experience travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon, especially here in the Philippines. John Hanke, the founder of Niantic, the game’s developer, stated that he does not want to limit the availability of the game. The game was mainly released in European countries, however they certainly fixed some server issues with the intention of releasing this game in roughly 200 countries.

Discover Pokémon in the real world with Pokémon GO!

The 26 European countries where Pokemon Go was released include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta , Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland. Who knows? Due to the large number of players locally, I don’t think the Philippines will be ignored, as well as other Asian countries that have a large number of players waiting for this game.

With the company’s determination to disperse the Pokémon GO game globally, it may possibly launch here in the Philippines before the end of this year.

How to play the game Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is set on Niantic’s real-world gaming platform, it allows players to use real-world locations and urge them to explore in the real world to track Pokemon (the real world will be the setting for this game). As you explore its areas, the game allows you to capture over a hundred varieties of Pokémon, similar to the one in its video game series that use real-world locations such as New York, Paris, and the regions of Japan (Kanto and Hokkaido). .

You can catch sixteen and catch countless Pokémon by exploring within your cities, towns, and even around the world. Once your smartphone vibrates as you move, that is the signal that you are near a Pokémon. As soon as you find a Pokémon, target that Pokémon by aiming at your smartphone’s touchscreen, once you’ve already aimed it, you can easily catch it by simply throwing a Poké Ball. Make sure to hit him with a Poké Ball or he could possibly escape. At the same time, you should look for PokéStops located in significant places, such as: monuments, public art installations, historical markers, and other areas or places of a similar nature in order to collect more Poké Balls and other types of items.

Account and customization of your Pokémon Go trainer

After creating an account, the player must create an avatar and customize it by choosing a hairstyle, skin color, eye color, outfit design and other additional accessories. Once the user created an avatar, it is displayed at the player’s existing location, along with a map showing the existing area. The basic function of the map is that it shows the total number of Pokémon gyms and the total PokéStops count. As players travel through the real world, their custom avatar will also move across the map.

PokéStops function

PokéStops offer items like Pokeballs, eggs, and even potions. In fact, it could be equipped with items known as “lures” that normally attract Pokémon.

The purpose of gyms

Gyms function as battle locations for team-based “King of the Hill” matches. Usually found in interactive locations.

Catch more Pokémon and complete your Pokédex

The Pokédex is considered the encyclopedia of Pokémon, listing the description, height, weight, species type, and other information for a given Pokémon. As a Trainer you will progress in levels, once you have gained higher levels you will be able to catch more powerful Pokémon and add them to your Pokedex to complete it. Additionally, you will gain access to much more powerful items like Great Balls to provide you with a more effective hit to catch a Pokémon. To go to the advanced level, you will need to explore and discover more Pokémon.

As the game progresses, you will discover alternative strategies to get more Pokémon in your Pokédex. In the event that you catch a Pokémon at sufficient intervals, you will have the opportunity to develop and turn one of them into a stronger Pokémon. If you keep exploring, you will probably come across Pokémon Eggs found in PokeStops, which will open when you are already in a particular range. After they were born, you may discover Pokémon that you may never have encountered before.

A large number of wild Pokémon will appear in particular locations near your geographic area or even around the world. As, for example, some water-type Pokémon are likely to be seen in the immediate vicinity, where they are near oceans, lakes, rivers, etc., do not forget and keep in mind that you may encounter Pokémon that you have never seen before.

In the event that you catch a Pokémon at sufficient intervals, you will have the opportunity to develop and turn one of them into a stronger Pokémon. This method is incredibly useful if you are having difficulty catching a Pokémon in the wild. Like, for example, if your location has a substantial amount of Poliwag, but you couldn’t find any Poliwhirl, you need to capture many Poliwag so that at some point, you can acquire the ability to turn one of them into Poliwhirl.

Become a member of a team and join a battle

As the saying goes, “No man is an island”, you must join a team in order to challenge other teams and take part in a battle. The moment you join a particular team, you get a potential and you can designate a Pokémon that you captured to an Open Gym location or you can assign it to a Gym where a team member assigns a Pokémon. Gyms can also be found in real places around the world, the same as with PokeStops. Only a single Pokémon can be assigned to a selected gym. So as a team, they must work together to make their defense formidable.

If an opponent comes and claims a gym, you will be able to challenge this team using the Pokémon you have captured and defeat the defending Pokémon. You see, team battles are also fun and at the same time challenging and difficult. You can choose which Pokémon will have to face your rival team. Each Pokémon possesses two types of attacks, while fighting, you can also avoid your opponent’s attacks by sliding the touch screen to the left or right. If, fortunately, your chosen Pokémon wins the battle, the Gym’s status will gradually decrease, and when the Gym’s prestige is at zero level, that’s the time when you or another team member can take over and take over. from the Gym by assigning it a Pokémon. .

Now that your team has taken control of the Gym, you and other team members can now increase the Gym’s level status by competing with the defending Pokémon. Not only that, you can also train battles against your own team to help your Pokémon level up. Once the gym reaches an advanced level, you or another team member can assign additional Pokémon to strengthen their defense. If you want, you can call your friends to add more equipment and challenge the opponent gym together with your combined team, to defeat the more powerful gyms much faster.

By undertaking many challenges in various categories and completing each mission, you may be able to discover achievement badges that will appear on your profile. Challenges like exploring and catching Pokémon. You can get as many medals as you can by doing your best.

Additional Features: Pokémon GO Plus, Funny Pictures, and PokéCoins

Introducing Pokemon GO Plus, the game might take the world by storm. It is a portable device that allows users to play games even if they are not using their smartphones. This device alerts the player to a certain game event via Bluetooth that connects to the user’s smartphone. Like for example, if there is a Pokémon detected by this device near the area, the user will be notified by vibration and LED alert. On top of that, this gadget can perform basic functions like catching a Pokémon by pressing its button.

Another impressive feature of the Pokemon Go game is its funny photos. You can capture photos at any time using the in-game camera, especially when you meet a Pokémon in the wild. You can direct this Pokémon to the live scene according to the position of your camera and take a snapshot at any time. You can then save the image and share it whenever you want.

Finally, you can download the game at any time by going to the main website or Google Playstore free of charge. The only charge is when you would like to level up your Pokémon GO experience by purchasing items through PokeCoins, the in-game currency of Pokémon GO where users will have to spend real money from their pockets. These PokeCoins can be traded with upgrades like additional items and power-ups.