Hyperborea – Atlantis beyond the north wind?

You can find a lot of evidence about the lie of the governments of the world and their representatives. In every country, taxpayers ask where their money disappears. If such a question is posed in the US referring to Area 51, taxpayers will never get an answer. The lies of the United States government can be clearly documented throughout its history, beginning with the Indian treaties. One of many such fabrications was also featured at the time the American U-2 spy plane was shot down in May 1960 over the Soviet Union. The United States even denied the existence of the plane. But when the Soviets showed images of the fired plane, NASA at a press conference announced that the pilot of the aforementioned plane was lost in northern Turkey. When Khrushchev heard this, he revealed other facts to the world, although he did not go public that the Soviets also captured the pilot. However, the United States government continued to lie in the belief that the pilot must have been killed and informed the public that they had only conducted atmospheric investigations; the aircraft was allegedly lost due to pilot problems with oxygen.

This has nothing to do with anti-Americanism, but only with the way imperial governments treat us. The lies can also be heard often in the Chinese or Russian application. And it gets even worse when superpowers share secrets!


Hyperborea is a mythical terra incognita that is supposed to have existed somewhere far north, as the Greek historian Herodotus wrote. Herodotus is considered to be “the father of history”; He consistently and truthfully documented the past and there is no single reason to question what he wrote. Herodotus writes that diseases did not affect the people of this miraculous land and (according to the writings of other ancient characters) they lived to the age of a thousand years.

Some mythology experts consider Hyperborea to be nothing more than Shambhala in European legends, albeit under a different name. Some of them placed Hyperborea in today’s Xinjiang Autonomous Zone of China. HP Blavatska, Rene Guenon, and Julius Evola argued that Hyperborea was the golden age of a very ancient and advanced civilization.

This mythical country is also mentioned in the Bible, for example, Job 37:22, “From the north he comes with golden splendor; God comes with awesome majesty.” Then it’s Ezekiel 1: 4, “I looked, and saw a windstorm coming from the north – a huge cloud with flashing lightning bolts surrounded by bright light. The center of the fire looked like shiny metal …”

Hyperborea received a lot of attention in Greek mythology. As the Olympics were established, a pilgrimage to Hyperborea took place. One of the best Hyperborean prophets was Abaris; Apollo made him a miraculous curtsy. Herodotus wrote that Apollo had enjoyed god status on earth beyond the north wind.

Apollo and Artemis are twins conceived by Zeus and Leto. In Greek mythology, Leto was a titan. The Titans were pre-Olympian gods.

Hyperborea and its current message

The people of Hyperborea had supposedly settled in Atlantis. It is supposedly the “land of the gods”. Nazism as an ideology does not deserve any recognition; But Hyperborea, as an ancient mythological enigma, played an important role in something called Nazi occultism. The Nazis with their hidden ideology revived this issue, as they did a fairly extensive investigation of ancient legacies. His most important wish was to find the secrets of a SUPER MAN.

His ideas had also been formed with the help of secret societies such as Thule or Vril. In particular, Vril’s energy was a secret door to becoming a superman. Vril is the most secret power mentioned first in the book. The next race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, published in the 19th century. The book is about an advanced superior race that lives underground.

The leading German scientists, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Hartek, Kurt Diebner, Erich Bagge, Otto Hahn, Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker, Karl Wirtz, Horst Korsching, and Walter Gerlach, were brought to England at the end of World War II, kept in isolation. there; the military agents secretly recorded their conversations. The British government considered the transcripts of the scientists’ conversations to be top secret. Although the scientists were released after just under a year, their conversations were kept secret until 1992. Why?

Walter Gerlach, who later became the founding president of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, now Germany’s largest research organization, had allegedly gotten into antigravitation research. Declassified transcripts and more information about this operation can be found on the Internet using the keywords “Farm Hall Transcripts”.

The main Nazi representatives were interested in the occult and magic. They built their beliefs on something akin to the Greeks, but instead of Titans they spoke of the Teutons, an ancient Germanic tribe. Greek and Roman authors had also documented this tribe, with statements that they had migrated from the north to somewhere along the Danube River about a hundred years before Christ. Nazi occultists (Vril secret society, Thule) considered this tribe to be the proto-Germanic of the so-called “pure Aryan nature”. They said that the racial purity of the Teutons had been weakened as a result of the tribesmen copulating with other tribes. In many encyclopedias, the Teutons are often referred to as “magical” or “occult” people, where the art of sorcery, especially practiced by women, prevailed over any other tribe in the ancient past of Europe. Pomponius Mela, the first Roman geographer, located the origin of this tribe in Scandinavia.

Operation Highjump (1946-47)

Several admirals (notably Admiral Byrd) led this military “expedition” to Antarctis; it consisted of about 5,000 armed men and thirteen ships. The official statement of the American administration was that they wanted to find natural resources, but rumors say that the Americans wanted to find and destroy secret Nazi bases. Around the same time another operation began: Operation Nanook (1946) headed towards the Arctic region in the north.

The Germans invested a lot of money in researching the Antarctic and Arctic areas since the early 1930s: Neuschwabenland or New Swabia was the place where they built their first base.

The north wind blows everywhere

It is a pity that for the Germans the biblical Jehovah strayed too far from the perfectly godly place of origin of the Teutons. The Bible, ancient Tibetan texts, and the messages of most religions demonstratively and visibly point to only one thing, and every concerned eye must see it: the preservation of justice and humanity. Man can easily become NON-HUMAN, but also SUPER HUMAN. In contact with SOMEONE like this, everyone will certainly feel the powerful arctic breeze. The Inuit people say it like this: “We don’t believe, we fear …”