I must have a gothic viper pool cue

The Viper Gothic series custom pool cue takes the prize with its dark looks and excellent handling for a cue just over $100. This is the type of sign that has a dark look that just draws the eye, but don’t think beauty is all this sign has, it’s the affordable price and construction that matches the best in the industry. This custom pool cue will give you the precision you are looking for in your game and will enhance your ability to hit with power. His knowledge and flair for the game will only be complemented by this cue with its quality control and top notch handling. This is furthered by the black and white Irish linen wrap which helps absorb some of the impact when you hit that shot to win and beat your competition.

The Viper Gothic series custom pool cue is 58″ long with 13mm La Pro leather tips to help reduce drift and assist in a more accurate shot in your game. It’s that precision in your shot that will elevate your game whether it be with friends and family or beating up an opponent.The shaft of the Gothic series handcrafted cues is 13mm maple with 12″ pro taper and the butt sleeve is also constructed of the same maple fine. The forearm is made from the same maple that goes through a lengthy 9 month drying process, then is sealed with 12 coats of varnish to make sure your custom pool cue stays straight and in top condition for years of enjoyment and satisfaction. . The joint of the cue of the Gothic series is made of polished stainless steel and the rings are made of aluminium.

Like other Viper series, the Gothic Custom Pool Cue comes with a professional adjustable weight system that you can adjust from 18 to 21 ounces to give you just the right comfort in any situation and allow you to focus on your opponent’s shots. The stock cover of this handcrafted Gothic series cue is ABS and the bumper has a built in removable scraper to aid in the life of your cue. The Gothic comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

One of the best things about the Gothic series cue is the inlaid graphics, it’s the gold/red and gold/blue style designs that will make you want this cue to be part of your collection. One has to admire the vision of detail and great looks that went into the construction of this cue. You’ll be proud to put out a sign like this knowing that the engineering that went into it is only outdone by how cool it looks. To see this and others, visit Dartandcue.com. We also have darts, dartboards and dart cabinets.