Increase the reach of online video marketing through social media

Online video marketing is increasingly the option chosen by companies to establish their online presence. One of the most effective video marketing strategies is the use of social media to broaden and diversify your audience reach. There are many ways to create a social media presence, but statistics show that using videos is the most popular way. There is no question about the popularity of the video by now, as its popularity claim is fully supported by impressive statistics.

Another important thing to remember about videos is that they can work well with various forms of social media. For example, a YouTube video that the viewer likes can be shared with other Facebook accounts, blogs, and other social networking sites. It will be the viewers themselves who will make the video go viral for the following reasons:

1. Easy to share

If you have a fun, exciting and informative video, viewers will not only “like” or click the thumb sign, but will share it with other people so they can talk about it later. It is a natural tendency to share something that makes one excited, sad, happy or inspired. The same will happen to those who were affected by the shared video because it only takes one click to share.

Even news videos now have links to share with various social media platforms. Viewers generally want to share videos with controversial topics. Eventually, if more share recipients like the video, it will go viral. Videos are not only easy to share, they are the kind of content that people would like to share. Videos are generally easier to understand than text.

2. Billions of potential video viewers

You can’t share if there’s no one to share with, right? But there are hundreds of millions of users on the major social media sites. Facebook alone has over a billion users. In 2013, eMarketer forecasts that social media users will reach 1.43 billion, an increase of 19.2% over 2012.

Targeting social media users is like targeting a captive audience for your videos. That is why it is one of the most considered video marketing tactics for promoting brand awareness.

3. Expanded accessibility

TV commercials play only based on the amount of airtime you purchased. It is not something that is available if you want to see it. For example, a friend can only tell you about an awesome TV commercial. You have to watch TV and wait for it to show. On the other hand, online videos are continuously available unless you delete them.

For example, Justin Bieber’s music video “Baby” with more than 756.4 million views has been continuously available on YouTube since April 25, 2010. Until now, there are still viewers without the need to buy more airtime. The same goes for the popular Volkswagen ad with over 53 million views and counting. If Justin Beiber’s video was shown only on a music site like MTV, it would have been removed after a few months to make way for newer releases. It could not have been viewed at least 756.4 million times.

If you are not using online video marketing strategies to establish your social media presence, you could be limiting the scope of your online marketing efforts.