Investment Properties in Orlando: Will Buying a Property in the US Help Obtain a US Resident Visa?

The question of whether buying property in the US helps to obtain US residency is somewhat confusing as, paradoxically, both yes and no can apply.
With many Brits looking for such “sought after” status, this is what I have found in my experience with British buyers.

The E investor visa application is the most popular route of residence among immigrants for a suitable new or established US business enterprise that provides a relatively easy path.
However, careful research and planning will be necessary to avoid a costly and disappointing result.

With many Brits buying Florida vacation homes for rental and investment reasons, many are wondering if purchasing their property can help them gain US residency status.

Anyone hoping for a visa based on the purchase of a single home in the US will be very disappointed as they will never be able to justify a business investment reason.

However, a carefully presented visa application involving the purchase of 3 or more houses along with the submission of a complete detailed business plan could be successful.

If a visa application is misfiled or shows that the property is a “passive investment,” it would normally be rejected. Anyone considering an application is advised to use an experienced professional with a proven track record in preparing such a business plan.

Buying a property alone will always be considered a passive investment, however if the application clearly demonstrates an “active property business”, an E2 visa may well be issued.

It is also imperative to show that a “substantial financial investment” was made prior to applying, and while an actual sum is not listed anywhere, it should not actually be less than $ 100,000.
Real estate loans are allowed, although where the case is, a sufficient projected business profit margin will be necessary so that, as expenses and risk increase, so does the scrutiny of the issuing immigration authority.

Equally important is the need to clearly show that the business will be viable and that it will be able to bear the future living expenses of the owner, etc.

The supporting business plan must clearly demonstrate a defensible reason why it will generate future employment, furthermore, as a guide, projected earned earnings of at least $ 50,000 per year would generally be expected.
Clarifying the property, as an important role in the business plan, is essential, as would be the case with proposals such as a guest house, hotel or property rental company.

Vacation rental homes can be treated similarly to acquiring a hotel, as the property purchased has a similar function, however, homes should never be purchased for personal use.

Real estate assets acquired specifically for a rental business, of course, require regular maintenance and rental bookings require adequate and necessary staff for business needs, it is no wonder that property management is a popular form of business proposition. investment.

In Central Florida, especially in the Disney catchment areas, there is still a constant demand for “good quality, well-run” property management companies even though there are already several vacation rental companies operating in the area.

The constantly increasing demand for good quality management is due to many startups increasing their housing portfolio, apparently lowering business operating standards for some businesses.

This issue was the rationale for my company’s decision NOT to participate in property management, despite the obvious financial temptation.

In 1985, there were very few vacation property management operations near Disney, as large hotels were the primary form of rental accommodation.
Over the next several years, we organized thousands of property sales to British buyers, all of whom bought for personal holiday use and possible rental income in their absence.

In light of the importance our buyers placed on property management, we decided that we should do everything possible to provide the best possible service.
As such, it would be best for us to remain totally independent and, unlike many of our real estate competitors, we resist financial temptation.

As a result, we continue to track and monitor the performance of some 700 property management firms in Central Florida and the valuable information we obtain often helps our buyer clients.

There are believed to be over 50,000 British-owned homes in Florida, and of course many more are owned by other non-residents.

The constant demand for quality small and medium-sized property management companies is naturally creating attractive investment opportunities for budding entrepreneurs looking for a new way of life.
Those interested in trying to keep their investment risk to a minimum and are nervous about investing cash in a new commercial venture may have a hard time finding a better alternative to a property management business.

Orlando investment properties purchased in the “sunshine state of Florida should continue to increase in value because property prices here are still much lower than many comparable states, such as California, where prices are almost 3 times higher” .

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