iPhone and dynamic ads

What you need to know:

When Apple announced the arrival of the iPhone SDK, Relevantis, Inc. got down to business and soon launched its Dynamic Ads solution for iPhone. Relevantis’ platform is one of the first to enable “highly interactive AJAX ads on mobile phones, allowing advertisers to engage with customers in a personalized and engaging way.”

How does it work:

In simple terms, the latest development from Relevantis makes it possible for creative content within an ad to change according to a person’s taste. Subsequently, users get a better overall experience while publishers get higher ad revenue. Enhanced animated ads can also be instantly expanded, allowing more information to be displayed at any time. Take this for example: Let’s say a user is looking at a car ad through their iPhone. The consumer can simply touch the ad and get more information in an animated and entertaining way. Pretty cool, huh?

What does this mean for mobile marketing:

The advent of dynamic ads reveals the direction in which the mobile marketing industry is moving. With so many technical advances, marketing through a person’s mobile phone is becoming one of the best options for marketers. Not only can a message be seen by a large audience, ads are becoming personalized so that the consumer can search for the information that is most important to them. Basically, mobile marketing offers a superior alternative to traditional forms of marketing because both the consumer and the marketer benefit from this exchange.

The continued growth of iPhones, smartphones and the trend away from personal computers and PCs to personal mobile devices will only lead to the growth of dynamic ads and mobile marketing. For us, this is great news. For traditional mediums, this might hurt a bit.