Joseph McClendon – An Insightful Review

Joseph McClendon is a master coach helping network marketers develop the mindset to build their MLM business. Since meeting with renowned author and speaker Anthony Robbins in 1986, Joseph McClendon’s career has been on the rise. After meeting and teaming up with the masters of the art, Joseph has mastered technology and the skills of teaching and influencing. Therefore, he has become extremely competent in helping people overcome their fears, feelings of inadequacy, phobias, and other emotional challenges that prevent many from doing the things they would like to do.

After working with and learning from the teacher trainers, Joseph McClendon is now a teacher trainer and motivator. He now serves as a head coach and instructor at Tony Robbins, aptly named “Mastery University,” which is attended by entrepreneurs, business leaders, business executives and others who want a better quality of life for themselves or their companies. Its clientele spans 46 different countries. Working with Anthony Robbins, McClendon is the author of two best-selling books: “Power Thoughts” and “Unlimited Power, A Black Choice.”

Joseph McClendon is the founder of Succeleration Research Group, a consulting firm that focuses on peak performance coaching, as well as workshops and seminars for business owners around the world. This followed an impressive run at CBS Records. And for about seven semesters, Joseph has served as an instructor at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he teaches advanced communication, human influence, leadership, and human reengineering in the university’s engineering and management extension program.

McClendon has been asked on numerous occasions to provide corporate training and more for many Fortune 500 companies in the United States and elsewhere. As a recognized expert in sales techniques and marketing psychology, he has helped many business professionals overcome behaviors, internal and external obstacles that often impede sales results. It has provided them with the influence, skills, mindset, and other tools that give people the competitive advantage they need to thrive in the modern, ultra-competitive marketplace. In the end, many corporations and individuals have been helped to drive sales and improve their bottom line.

Can Joseph McClendon Help Your MLM Business In Any Way? Well, the crowds that keep drawing your seminars would suggest that you must be doing something beneficial for all of these attendees. The legendary Anthony Robbins couldn’t have been wrong in inviting Joseph to work with him as an instructor and co-author. UCLA also wouldn’t want to risk its reputation by hiring Joseph McClendon as a coach if his instructions weren’t of the highest quality.

So what does all this suggest? Give your life and your business a boost by incorporating advice from expert trainers like Mr. McClendon. Most successful individuals and corporations would readily admit that they owe much of their success to valuable information gleaned from a mentor, expert coach, help book, or similar sources. McClendon himself readily tells us that his breakthrough as an expert came after his 1986 meeting with mentor Anthony Robbins, who to this day continues to have a positive influence on Joseph.

So where would your own breakthrough come from? That’s for you to say. But in reality, even you cannot claim to know at this point. But like luck, breakthroughs often stem from the things we do or the company we keep. Luck or breakthrough rarely happens to those who do nothing.

So hire a coach today, attend seminars related to your business niche, read books, increase your knowledge and experience, and you will increase your chances of success. Surely those are some of the things that the life of Joseph McClendon teaches us.