Jump into the future with the diamond standard US dollar

Using the silver standard for the US dollar may have made goods and services cheaper, but the dollar was worth significantly less than gold. But now that gold is our current standard, the US dollar appears to have reached its limits. At least, that’s what expert economists may think. However, I know of another way, which is by using diamonds, which are worth more than silver and gold together!

Diamonds can be made and exchanged, unlike their gold counterparts. The United States government could use and maintain natural diamonds as a standard, while conducting research by manufacturing synthetic diamonds that will be finer and more precious than the originals. The United States government will eventually create a super diamond, one that has never been created before, a diamond that no other country has, for which they can file a patent so that no other country can use it. Doing this would secure the US dollar for generations to come!

How exciting would it be to wake up to find that your money is worth far more than it has been in the history of this country? Knowing that you will have financial security would be a true dream come true not only for me or my loved ones, but for the majority of the population, especially the poor.

Look, I have lived in poverty most of my life. I know what many of you are going through, like that feeling of not knowing if you will make it through the month or if you will be able to pay your bills and support your family. If the United States government used the diamond standard, we will have a more stable economy, where our future will be planted in economic security for most of the duration of our lives! The economy would not collapse due to poor public spending, the government could cut taxes and at the same time protect public welfare programs. Government officials would have no reason to be greedy because our elected and appointed officials would have a lot of money. Greed as an addiction decreases statistically the moment the US dollar becomes more valuable than the supply and demand for any product or service.

The only bad thing that could result from having a diamond standard is that governments around the world will try to produce their own super diamond. But, that can be a long shot, especially when they can’t get the funds to patent their currency pattern.