Kenpo P90X explained

P90X is an exercise program developed by fitness expert Tony Horton to help people get fit and totally transform their bodies in just 90 days. One of the exercise videos on the system is called Kenpo X. Not many people may know what Kenpo is, especially if you are unfamiliar with martial arts or are a beginner to the exercise. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly P90X Kenpo is.

You may be wondering what exactly Kenpo is. Kenpo or Kenpo Karate as it is often called is a combination of martial arts. Use different punches, kicks, and blocks in a fighting aspect. In the P90X training, learn the different punches and kicks used in common forms of Kenpo.

The P90X Kenpo workout is one of the few in the program that does not require weights or resistance bands. It’s a pure cardio workout designed to get your heart rate up and into the extreme fat burning zone. Also work to improve your coordination and balance with the different combinations and sequences of martial arts. If you are not coordinated when you start the P90X training program, after doing Kenpo you will have great coordination.

Tony Horton teaches you different martial arts moves that can actually be used for self defense. He delivers a variety of different punching and kicking sequences to keep his body burning fat while also working his muscle to build lean muscle mass. He will learn combinations that include hooks, jabs, uppercuts, and crosses. He will also learn kicks like knee kicks, back kicks, and roundhouse kicks. Tony Horton also teaches you different locking techniques with lunges and squats. He then combines all of these different aspects and forms a high-intensity cardio workout.

If you’re just getting started with exercise, it might be tempting to try and go all out with P90X Kenpo training, but that’s not a good idea. Instead, you want to make sure to go at a pace that is comfortable for you at first, until you have developed some physical stamina and also coordination for the movements. There are many turns involved in training and it can be very easy for you to turn wrong and be out of commission for several days. The P90X system does a great job of explaining how far to push yourself with workouts and when to start doing advanced movements.

People who have done the P90X system always say that Kenpo training is one of the most fun workouts they expect. It’s a mix of just lifting weights and doing regular exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. P90X Kenpo training can not only help you burn fat, but also teach you important self-defense moves.