Lake George, New York: a paradise in the Adirondacks

Nestled in what the natives call the “Country of the North” is an Adirondack gem that has long been a vacation spot for individuals and families. What has been dubbed the Queen of the American Lakes, Lake Georgeer in upstate New York is a long lake framed by a charming town of the same name.

As the lake stretches to the southeastern base of the Adirondacks for approximately 32 miles, the region celebrates its majesty in four glorious seasons that endure by people like the rich and the average “Joe” with outdoor activities, splendid shopping, a Picturesque setting and events throughout the year.

The area, rich in Native American, European and American history, is largely revered today as a tourist destination rich in American history. Many years ago it was the playground of the elite, as Lake Georgeve sits comfortably midway between New York City and Montreal.

While the wealthy considered it on par with other destinations like Saratoga and the Hamptons, time has shown that it attracts people from all walks of life. And today, people still schedule their annual vacation around visits to Lake George, New York.

Not just Americans or even local people flocked (and still do), Europeans seek the paradise of Lake Georgesr in New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

The people that populate the area, whether it’s lakefront, residential, or even commercial, are welcoming folks who have an Adirondack culture almost all their own.

Today’s tourists who frequent the area have come to know about the same culture that inhabits Lake George and have fallen in love with it enough to remain frequent visitors. Regional events like the Winter Carnival, Americade and many more draw thousands of people at a time.

From events to magnificent real estate to dining and lodging, Lake George is a destination that has it all, all self-contained in a framed picture of Adirondack life, culture, recreation, entertainment and sports.

For those seeking the majestic scenery of the Adirondacks, Lake George is no exception. Full-fledged getaways and vacations feature some of the most beautiful sights and activities to provide a relaxing stay in full circle. You can spend one day at the beautiful beaches, while another can be at some of the most important historic sites in American history. The American heritage that is still alive in the area is also an opportunity to visit the turning points in our country’s rich history.

Athletes also consider Lake George’s area, city, and waterways to be some of the best the country and the world have to offer. From hiking to fishing to boating and more, the lake is a common playground for people from all over the world.

Things to do in Lake George:

>> Farmers markets

>> Theme parks

>> Water parks

>> Beaches

>> Bird watching

>> Hiking

>> Fishing

>> Boat trips

>> Parks

>> Breweries

>> Wineries

>> Visits to historical sites

>> Museums

>> Restaurants

If Lake George, New York, were to be characterized, one could say that it is “abundant in its beauty and extravagant in its grace.”