Low Carb Desserts: Are Your Sweets on the Bad or Good Glycemic Foods List?

Low carb desserts are a great way to enjoy sweets and still rank low on a chart called the glycemic index.

The glycemic index is a scale used to measure how long it takes the body to digest or break down specific carbohydrates. This indicator was created in 1981 and is now used to rank the foods allowed on the Atkins, South Beach, Caveman, and other popular low-carb diets.

Foods classified as low on the index take a long time to be absorbed by the body. That allows the digestive system to properly break down refined starches and sugars. This is very beneficial for people who have type I and II diabetes and those who are on carbohydrate-restricted diets. The good news is that many delicious low carb desserts can be made with ingredients on the lower end of the scale.

Foods that rank high on the glycemic index are especially difficult for diabetics to digest, making it difficult to flush sugar out of the blood. This is why people with the disorder are smart to cut out all carbohydrates, but there are certain carbohydrate-containing foods that are better to eat than others. Knowing which is which is the key!

Fortunately, there are many low-carb foods that can substitute for high-carb ones. Tasty low-carb desserts can be made using substitutes like artificial sweeteners for sugar, heavy cream for milk, and unsweetened chocolate.

Still, the “good” foods on the glycemic chart have carbohydrates. They are slightly easier to digest, making them healthier and preferable to foods with high numbers on the Index.

Fruits and vegetables are among the foods that rank low on the chart. They contain sugars, but are digested at a slower rate and provide the body with valuable nutrients. Potatoes, white rice or white bread, and cornflakes should be completely avoided, along with anything made with refined flour or sugar.

Whole-grain breads and pastas are classified as “good” on the index. Basmati rice can also be considered a “good” glycemic food. Whole wheat can help control blood sugar. Low-carb dieters can also have small portions of recipes that use whole wheat.

Understanding the glycemic index allows a diabetic or low carb dieter to enjoy some healthy and useful carbohydrates. And using the Index to select ingredients gives a creative chef or weekend cook addict to whip up some satisfying ingredients. low carb desserts that make the low carb lifestyle easier than ever.