Men love women who know how to cook because it makes them attractive.

Do men love women who know how to cook more than women who don’t? Let’s face it, most men love to eat, but more than their love of eating, they want their women to know how to cook, not just for this reason. Men find women who can cook more attractive and make them proud to tell their friends and family how well their wife or girlfriend cooks.

It is no longer surprising that most men around the world love women who know how to cook. What makes men attracted to these types of women is that women who can cook can create many things in the kitchen that their stomach has been craving and still look good doing all these things.

Does this mean that if men love women who can cook, they will no longer fall for a woman who can’t cook? The truth is that knowing how to cook is only an advantage if men are always given a choice between two identical women where one knows how to cook and the other doesn’t, they always go for the one she knows. Now, in a situation where no two women are identical and a man truly loves a woman, knowing how to cook no longer matters. Women can still do a lot of things around the house that men can appreciate besides cooking. They can clean and design the house and beautify it for all the visitors and friends that come.

Now, for women who don’t know how to cook, it doesn’t mean that they can’t learn how to do it. There are many culinary schools that you can enroll in or you can try to work on recipes that are easily accessible on the net. One of the best things that both men and women can do is for men to teach their women how to cook. They can start from grilling your favorite foods on the grill on their newest stainless steel gas grills to the most complex recipes. This makes learning to cook more exciting and fun and will encourage a woman to learn how to cook.

I have seen many men asking their friends what happens to them when they are married to women who can’t cook. This question is especially addressed to friends who know that they love to eat. Most men looking for women who don’t know how to cook will always answer that it’s all about love. In fact, one of my cousins ​​is married to a woman who doesn’t cook and he cooks everything. Well, his wife does all the cleaning and washing and they have been a happy couple for the last fifteen years.

Another reason why men love women who can cook is because they remind them of their mother, who cooked for them when they were little. Another is the saying that “the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Although this is true, there is a simpler reason why men love women who can cook. For them it means that they will take care of their family. I heard one of my friends say, I can do house cleaning and washing. It is an easy job to do compared to cooking meals in the kitchen. Doing laundry is as simple as putting all your clothes in the washing machine and turning those knobs. Turn on the vacuum, run it over the carpet, drapes, and floors to get all that dust out, and you’re done.

You will see that men are much simpler in nature than women with their minds more focused on providing and protecting their family. The truth is that men believe that they were created for this reason alone. It all goes back to history. Cavemen during the early ages go out to find food to support their family. Women, on the other hand, stay at home, take care of the children, do all the cleaning and cooking and when their husband comes home they have something to eat.

The simplest reason why men love women who can cook is because they are drawn to the idea that someone will be there to cook what they always crave and more. But, more than anything else, they need to be satisfied.