Minecraft – Introduction to mobs

Mobs is a Minecraft term for all kinds of animated living things within the game: villagers, creepers, spiders, etc. Let’s take a closer look at some of the creatures you’ll find in Minecraft.

Creepers are the green and black alien character most commonly associated with Minecraft and they are dangerous and annoying. It has a self-destruct ability – if it gets close to you, it will explode like a suicide bomber. His only two weaknesses are shooting from a distance with a bow and arrow (which, when disintegrated, will leave you with gunpowder, only available when destroying vines) and cats. Creepers hate cats. Domesticated ocelots grow into cats that can be placed in your home at strategic intervals to protect themselves from vines. (Hint: feed the ocelots some fish.)

Wolves often travel in packs. If you hit a wolf, the whole pack will chase and attack you. The whole package can be tamed with meat; right click on a wolf with meat until you see hearts start to appear. A collar will appear around his neck, showing that you have tamed him and can repeat the process with another member of the pack. As you can imagine, a tamed wolf turns into a dog and can be trained with bones to help you attack enemies within the game. Wolf packs have become difficult to find and are only found in forest and taiga biomes.

Endermen are tall, shadowy figures that can teleport away from all your efforts to kill them with a projectile, so you will have to engage with something else at close range, such as a sword or shovel. Water is the enderman’s only weakness, so if you find one on your tail, nothing!

Two types of spiders inhabit the world of Minecraft. Cave spiders burn in the daylight, while normal spiders can make you pass the time of day. Spiders poison you with damage over time and can crawl up your walls if you don’t build a ledge. Kill a spider and you will be rewarded with a rope that you can use to make a bow; spiders are easily killed with a sword of gold or iron, as they are not very “healthy” creatures.

Skeletons can shoot you with arrows, so get closer or practice your machine gun! They can also be killed with arrows and they will leave behind bones that you can use to train dogs or for bone meal in your agriculture.

Zombies appear at night and find the nearest village or person, swarming with the intent to kill. As you would see in the movies, they try to transform everyone into more zombies. If you see a horde of zombies heading towards a village, run to the other side! Zombies can only break down wooden gates, so fortify your base with iron gates at the entrances. Zombies also burn when exposed to daylight.

These are just some of the many mobs that you can find in the Minecraft game. If you want to completely avoid the ravages caused by mobs, you can set your game to peaceful mode. Otherwise, visit www.artofminecraft.com for more great tips and guides on how to survive.