Mizerak Pool Table Review

Do you need a new pool table? Hall of Famer Steve Mizerak (1944 – 2006) was one of the greatest pool players of all time. Steve has now left his mark on excellence in his brand of pool tables. The Mizerak brand offers a wide range of pool tables for both indoors and outdoors. With an introductory price of $250, this brand is a great starting point for pool beginners.

While the more experienced billiards player can enjoy the benefits of superior styling and sturdy construction of the more expensive models, the entry-level models still offer fantastic styling and easy-to-assemble construction, making them a must-have for players. all recreation rooms. In the following links I will provide you with easy to follow information about the Mizerak brand. I will talk about the following models:

1. Mizerak Prestige

This particular model is the cheapest and most affordable model in the Mizerak line of pool tables. Offering arcade style at an affordable price is a must for an introductory level. Personally, I have a Prestige and as a pool lover, in my opinion, this model can be used even up to the advanced level.

2. Mizerak oak wood

A well-built, impressive robust design is a well-known feature of the Mizerak Oakwood pool table. While it’s slightly more expensive than the Prestigious model, the cost difference is evident in its styling. The Oakwood is fitted with a Slatron bed with MDF (medium density fiberboard) for a durable and smooth surface.

3.Mizerak Donovan

This particular model range consists of a stylish black laminate cabinet with metal frame rails at the corners and with its sleek looks it is a stylish addition to any game room.

4. Mizerak Savoy

The Mizerak Savoy is one of Steve’s most popular brands on the market today and comes in a beautiful oak laminate style.

5. Mizerak Victory

It’s a pool table that will fit in virtually any room in your home and with its sleek design it will complement any game room. A notable difference between the Victoria and the other ranges are the cognac pocket crests and the cognac colored drop pockets.