Mobile Marketing: You Better Get Your Spam Controlled At The Door

Redefining mobile messaging:

Despite people’s doubts about mobile marketing, EnMobile puts an end to the myths and wants everyone to know that mobile marketing should not be equated with spam. As consumers in a technology-driven economy, we have all had our fair share of confrontations with spam and unsolicited bulk messages. Whether via email or mobile devices, spam is everywhere and represents a constant nuisance for the entire population. In experiencing this dilemma as a group of consumers, the EnMobile team offers a service that benefits customers and marketers alike and in no way should shape or form be grouped in the same category as spam. Trust us, we hate spam as much as you do!

What EnMobile does: No charge, no hassle

Many people fear that once mobile marketing takes off, they will receive an inordinate amount of text messages that they are not interested in and will have to pay out of pocket. When dealing with EnMobile, both fears must be put aside. EnMobile only sends messages to those who send text messages to the designated number listed at no cost to the consumer. Did you get the last part? Consumers will never be charged for texting an EnMobile campaign.

Also, consumers won’t be bothered by companies and brands that don’t interest them because the consumer chooses which companies to send text messages to, not the other way around. If at any time a user wishes to stop receiving messages, they are easily deleted and they are never contacted again. EnMobile understands what consumers and marketers want and is able to bridge the gap between the two. So before you roll your eyes and think of mobile marketing as just another way to get spammed, check out EnMobile and see what it can do for you.