New GoPro Hero5 Sports Camera Series with 4K Video Recording Capability

In this article, I will tell something about the new Gopro Hero5 sports camera series, including the flagship Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session, which has the compact and portable airframe. It’s worth mentioning that both feature 4K / 30fps video recording capabilities. Most importantly, GoPro also joined voice control and cloud storage for the first time.

GoPro Hero5 Black Specifications:

It comes with a 12MP image sensor and a 2-inch touch screen;

Supports 4K / 30fps video recording and RAW / WDR photo format;

Electronic video stability system, stereo microphone;

10 meter waterproof capacity;

GPS support.

Hero5 Session Specifications:

It comes with a 10MP image sensor;

Supports 4K / 30fps video recording;

Electronic video stability system;

10 meter waterproof capacity.

All GoPro Hero5 series sports cameras support voice control (currently supports seven languages, including Chinese). And when you upload the camera, it will automatically upload the photos and videos of the shot to the cloud.

Compared to the regular release product line of sports cameras, the official debut of the Karma RC drone opens up a new GoPro journey. By the way, the GoPro sports cameras (Hero4 and its upgraded models) match the Karma RC drone extremely. And this becomes the obvious advantage if you enter the UAV market. If you like shooting FPV, you can give it a try.

GoPro Karma is the foldable RC drone that you can put in your backpack. Also, the complementary control handle and removable anti-shake gimbal can be combined into the stable handheld gimbal. Depending on the remote control equipped with a touch screen, users can see and control the UAV’s air and flight conditions in real time.

Karma is the Quadcopter, which reserves the place on its head to place the camera lens (fixed external camera gimbal), instead of placing the camera lens at the bottom of the fuselage. This unique different design is questioned by some gamers. They wonder if the experience causes an accident, then it is likely to cause damage to the camera and the PTZ.

Furthermore, Karma’s maximum flight speed is 56 km per hour and the control distance is 1 kilometer. Except for that, it’s built into a 5100 mA battery with about 20 minutes of run time.

As for me, I am looking forward to the launch of the GoPro Hero5 series sports cameras and Karma RC drone. And I think all of them will raise a hot topic. If you are interested, you can pay attention to the news.