No-Rejection Marketing Tip: Use Sticky Notes!

For a marketing tip that is virtually rejection-free and works perfectly to attract leads almost immediately, try Larry Beacham’s Sticky Note Marketing Technique. It is their tried and true system that is designed to work for any network marketer. Here are the details.

Marketing tip n. # 1: Shop for inexpensive supplies and get started!

This project requires only two types of affordable products to get started. You can get these at your local Staples or other office supply store. Let’s go there …

Grab as many Post-It notes or other generic sticky notes as you can. Sticky notes cost about $ 4 or less for every 100 sheets. Other brands may be cheaper.

Next, grab a customizable ink stamp kit. Larry specifies that the Brother Model # 2770 stamp kit, which costs about $ 30 or less at Staples, is better suited to sticky notes in regards to the default font size and width. You can also order a custom stamp from Staples, if you prefer not to create the stamp yourself for a slightly higher cost. I recommend that you start with the cheapest materials until you can upgrade to more sophisticated equipment.

Marketing tip n. # 2: create your mini flyers

You will then stamp your little “Mobile Classifieds” message (as Larry calls them) on each sticky note. Use these exact words. Larry has already tried what works best, so why question it?

Part time income

$ 700- $ 1000 / month

Flexible schedule / Will Train

(555) 123-4567

Marketing tip n. # 3: Get the word out and take action!

Place these sticky notes strategically in various places. Some obvious high-traffic areas include:

  • Along with the digital interface on multiple gas pumps (a typical service station averages 4 to 20 pumps; place one on each pump, if possible)
  • ATMs (inside the bank and all external)
  • DVD rental stations like Wal-Mart, Kroger, local pharmacies, etc.
  • Coin window stations (the same locations mentioned above)
  • Banks (speakers – outdoor, stations – indoor, ATMs)
  • Money changers (laundries)
  • Car wash (credit card machine or vacuum station)
  • Vending machines
  • Newsstands (self-serve; buy one copy, take all other copies and put a sticky note on each one and put them back).
  • Other high traffic areas

Be creative and don’t be afraid. If someone complains, just shrug your shoulders and move on to the next spot. It is not a big thing. Just make sure you take MASSIVE ACTION. Twenty to 30 a day is NOT a massive action. Fifty a day is good, but more than 100 a day is huge.

Now Larry cautions that as soon as you start posting these little brochures, your phone will start ringing. Make sure you’re ready to answer, or better yet, have a pre-recorded voicemail message that will take all of your incoming calls and provide them with the call to action you want them to take. You can send them to your website, home / hotel meeting, live event, etc.

Keep in mind that when people start calling you, they will think they are calling about a job posting, due to the way it is worded on the sticky note. When following up with your leader, remember to project a professional image and establish yourself as a leader early on to ensure success.

That’s all there is to Sticky Note Marketing. Do you see how easy it is? Let us begin.