Patriotic Gallant Chaplain Corps and Rescue Mission Marches for Humanity

Chaplin (Dr.) Martins Mike, Commanding General, Galán Patriotic Chaplains Corps and Rescue Mission, Lagos, is moving forward with his dream of serving God and humanity.

The truth is that service is the wage that we all must pay for our existence here on earth.

You have every right, dear reader, to agree or disagree with me, here.

It is about visiting the prisoners in prisons with much love, visiting the sick in hospitals, going to the police cells to see, preach and share your love with the suspects.

Visit orphanages, pre-trial detention centers, rehabilitation centers and meet people with mental, spiritual and emotional problems.

It is also about going to camps where people displaced from their natural and ancestral homes are kept, again with lots of love and gifts.

These people may have been victims of terrorist groups, communal clashes, kidnappings, floods, etc.

Using your talent, skill, knowledge and experience to serve others is also commendable and acceptable to God and to man, in both developed and developing countries.

Chaplain Dr. Mike, a retired high-ranking military man, born again Christian with two PhDs, dreams of building a hospital and orphanage for the weak, the poor and the abandoned.

But, he explained that all his worldly accomplishments are nothing compared to his burning desire to serve God and humanity, with Jesus as the foundation and the Holy Spirit as the guardian.

He dropped this clue at the induction / award ceremony for Amata Julius Isaac, as Assistant Chief to the Commanding General of the Patriotic Gallant Chaplin Corps & Rescue Mission.

Amata will assume the position of director of the international and foreign mission of the corps.

Note that in the United States of America with a population of 622 million people, 65 million of them are chaplains.

Each of these chaplains earns $ 30 per hour of service.

The newly promoted director of the foreign mission, an indigenous person from Isoko in present-day Delta State in Nigeria’s Midwest, was born in the 1970s, and has been blessed with his wife, Ms. Victoria Amata, and five children. .

He attended primary and secondary schools in Lagos, as well as a tertiary institution before being arrested, so says Jesus Christ and asked to preach His gospel throughout the world.

In his speech of appreciation, the director told the ceremony participants that, in obedience to Jesus’ call, “I have preached the gospel in Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Sierra Leon, India and Pakistan.”

These are certainly the bright sides of Isoko’s slim, handsome, ebony black preacher man.

Also he said. “They have tended me many times to kill me, I have endured much persecution, but the blood of Jesus has made us go through the valley of the dead.”

Pastor Roland Okechukwu, an obvious speaker, was the chair of the ceremony, with Apostle Chris Ikechukwu as the guest speaker, while Chaplain Dr. Mike supervised as chair of the body.