poker database

The poker database is a very important part of the game system; monitoring and managing the daily operation of a poker room is a must. Think of the poker database as essentially the common repository for dynamic data like game records, money transactions, etc. and static data such as user profile, game properties, etc. and is widely used by almost all subsystems. The game system uses the Oracle database.

The poker database has the following salient features:

o The schema is designed to be flexible, scalable, and maintainable with data integrity, performance, normalization, and simplicity in mind.
o Each primary table in the system has a corresponding record table to track changes to the master data.
o Indexes are chosen carefully to get the best fetch performance without costing a lot in insert performance.
o The poker database is accessed from applications that use what our developers refer to as the Bit-Mechanical Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Connection Pool API.
o Applications query/manipulate data using stored procedures to keep data access clean and consistent across all application modules, while centralizing all trading logic within the poker database.
o The poker database has over 300 tables with over 600 stored procedures.

Some of the important tables in the poker database:

T_USER – This is a main table that contains user profile details like account name, password, first and last name, email id, address and also other essential user information like affiliate id, referral, last access time, etc.

T_GAME_LIVE – Records information about each game played on the site, such as game number, table type, table name, time, total rake, etc.

T_PLAYER – Records game information such as bets, winnings, rake contributions, etc. of each game of each user.

T_INVESTIGATION – This is the main table for capturing the poker investigation team’s findings about a user and their activities on the site and helps monitor fraud and collusion.

T_Wallet_Transaction – This table records all of the user’s real money transactions, such as purchases, redemptions, bonuses, etc.

T_BONUS_RULE: This main table that captures various promotional bonus schemes configured in the System.

T_TOURNAMENT – Records details about all tournaments played on the site, such as time, tournament type, table name, etc.

The poker database is a very essential component of the gaming system. A dedicated team is required to first design the poker database and then manage and maintain it 24/7. Provides full input to all teams from transaction management, customer service and fraud control. If the gaming system has a backbone, it is the poker database.